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the christina clutch aka Pinspiration numero – cincuenta y ocho

A long while ago I saw this super cute clutch on pinterest by Art Gallery Fabrics.

I really wanted to make it but didn’t really have any reason.  Enter my sil.  She likes and appreciates homemade gifts so I thought, she’ll like this.  haha. Just kidding.  I mean she does like and appreciate handmade gifts but that’s not the only reason I made it for her.  I did think that she would like it.

Unfortunately, the prints I had to match what you see here didn’t look so great once they made their way into my hands.  So I went to Joann’s and got some grey to match.  Since I was going to be in town for her birthday dinner I decided to wait and make it at my mom’s house.
20150727_181214 - Copy

Here it is all finished.  The interior matches pretty well to the bow print.  I had a yellow/gold that was supposed to be where the grey is but it would’ve been too busy.
20150728_010233 - Copy

See how the grey plays well with the exterior and the mint zipper just pulls everything together.

I love how the bow sort of wraps around the bottom.  This was a very fun and very easy make.  I’ve since made another one for my other sil.  But that will be for another post.

i need an apron!

So I think I had posted a photo of me wearing my Starbucks Coffee Company apron and one of my old coworkers had said she lost all of hers.  I offered to make one for her and she said that it’d be cool to have one.  So I went to look for some fabric and started.

First I laid out the apron and cut along the edges and included a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
20140731_205725 - Copy

I cut two pieces, front and back and cut a piece for pockets.
20140803_153939 - Copy

Here is the apron string ends.
20140803_154009 - Copy

All completed!
20140803_202032 - Copy

A coworker from Old Navy asked me to make three aprons for Christmas gifts for her after she saw this post on IG.img_20140730_174351

This is the first one. Sorry about the blurry photos……
20140929_204927 - Copy

A close-up of a small quilting to keep the pieces together.
20140929_204941 - Copy

Apron strings.
20140929_205024 - Copy

The second one is for her sister who survived breast cancer.
20141010_131102 - Copy

She asked to include this ribbon somewhere.  I thought it added a personal touch.
20141010_131119 - Copy

Some quilting to keep the pieces together.
20141010_131150 - Copy

The apron strings.  She really liked this print even thought it was on flannel.  I thought it went well, color-wise, too.
20141010_131323 - Copy

The last one.  I forgot to take photos of it at home so when I brought them to work I ended up taking photos of it at work.
20141114_162820 - Copy

I was proud of my super straight stitching so I took a photo of it.
20141114_162831 - Copy

Sweet stitch quilting to keep the pieces together.
20141114_162838 - Copy

Here is a photo of the three recipients, her grandma, mom, and sister.

So glad that I was able to help her with some handmade gifts .  Also, making aprons is fun!

hold the phone (and a few cards)

So a coworker at Old Navy and I were talking about bags and such one day and she mentioned that she was looking for a small crossbody that she could carry just her phone and a credit card for when she goes to the market.  I told her that I could make one for her so she didn’t have to go looking for the “right one”.

I started out with making the crossbody strap.
20140627_184726 - Copy

Cut the pieces.  Black is her favorite color.  For the inside, I had asked her if she wanted a blue/green or a pink/orange.  Blue/green won.
20140627_211707 - Copy

The inside pocket for a cc.  I ended up scrapping this one because it would’ve been too small.
20140627_212215 - Copy

So on the second one, The topstitching I did was designed like this.
20140702_093505 - Copy

Here it is before I sewed the bag shut.
20140629_200117 - Copy

Thankfully her phone fit inside.
20140703_113935 - Copy

Here it is on her!
20140703_114037 - Copy

Perfect size and fit!

241 tote aka Pinspiration numero – cincuenta y siete

While perusing pinterest I noticed this really cute bag.  I found that it was a Noodlehead pattern called the 241 Tote.

Paul and I were going on a cruise soon and I thought this would be a good bag to carry the essentials needed when we were docked. I taped the pattern together and cut out the pieces .  When I went to the fabric store I was drawn to the green/yellow batik print.  I had wanted something bright and colorful.  The yellow just called out to me.
20140723_180454 - Copy

This was my first time working with pieces that were not just straight edges.  I traced the pattern onto the fabric and interfacing and then cut them out.  It was so tedious.  I vowed to never cut pieces that were not a straight edge.  But then I made this nightgown and realized that it’s not as bad as it was that first time and fell in love.

It was also my first time sewing a curve like this.  I looked up a bunch of reviews on the tote so I could get some opinions on how to sew this together.  Also, I was facetiming with my mom and niece.
20140724_152447 - Copy

So I got the shell completed.  I love how all the colors play off each other.The yellows and pinks.
20140724_205612 - Copy

Sorry about the blurry picture.  This was the best I had and I wanted to at least show the tote in full use.
20140726_114017 - Copy

I really liked the way it turned out and I totally plan on making more.  However, I would probably make it about 15% bigger.  This was definitely a good size for the cruise but for everyday I would need it bigger.  I’m still in love with these colors too.  They’re just so bright and cheery.

take me with you aka Pinspiration numero – cincuenta y seis

Oops…I accidentally posted this one before I finished it.  So now, I’ve finished it and you don’t have to read my draft.  Haha..oh well.

For my birthday one year a friend made these really cute apple coasters. They were made with felt and embroidery floss. So when I was looking on pinterest (but when am i not looking on pinterest?) ;)   I saw this project travel bag on Sew, Mama, Sew.

The pattern calls for using pre-quilted material but I didn’t like the ones that were at the store so I made my own. I bought some fabric and polyester batting and, viola, I now had a padded quilted piece!
20140721_090044 - Copy

Once I had that I just used some bias tape on the edges and the bag was completed!
20140721_132519 - Copy

I think I attached the snap button the wrong way but it still turned out fine.  Plus, I love the colors!
20140721_132526 - Copy

Because my friend made me some things with embroidery floss and felt, I included some floss and embroidery hoops so she could make some more pretty things.  Because she does make VERY pretty things!!

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