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minky bulldogs?

So a few weeks ago I stated that in March 2015 I made my first quilt.  But I lied.  Oops.  I forgot that in June 2014 I made my nephew a quilt.  I didn’t have a pattern or anything.  I just sort of made up my own.  Haha.  I even wrote it down and did all the calculations.  I went to pick up my fabric and started cutting and sewing.  Also, this was my second time working with minky.

His parents are fans of the Georgia Bulldogs so obviously those would be the starting colors and everything.  I got black and red mink from Hancock Fabrics, which is sadly no more.  I cut up what I had calculated that I needed and quickly found out that I most definitely needed more.  I was closer to Joann’s so I went in and looked at their minky but it did not match what I already had.  Their minky was different.  Less silky, comfy, scrumptious.  So I went back to Hancock and got some more. I found that using binder clips was easier than using pins for minky.  Also, a walking foot is highly, highly, highly suggested.
20140705_093150 - Copy

I had purchased just enough material for three red and three black squares.  Boy, oh boy, were my calculations off!  I don’t even know how that happened!  Here is the front patched piece.  Below is the cotton batting and then below that is the backing which is a Georgia Bulldog print.
20140707_205406 - Copy

I didn’t really know what I was doing, I mean I still don’t, but I really didn’t back then.  I had seen that you could make a binding using the backing by folding it over the front twice.  That’s what I did here.
20140709_092147 - Copy

I think this is the completed quilt.  Like I said I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I had wanted to make a football design but couldn’t really translate it from what I was picturing.  I ended up just doing some random straight lines.  If I could do it over I would probably topstich along the pieced edges.
20140711_204226 - Copy

Here is the backing.
20140711_204310 - Copy

Please excuse the messes around the last two photos.  I was using my Photojojo Fish Eye lens.  I had planned to cut out the excess but I’m lazy.  Lol…if you couldn’t tell as I’m just now posting about this quilt that I made over two years ago.  =)

Eye Spy, You Spy aka Pinspiration – numero cincuenta y cinco

As I was perusing Pinterest a. long. time. ago. I came across an “I Spy” bag.  I thought it would be fun to make and fun to play with for my friend’s son.  He was close to turning one also.  Here it is on Pinterest but if you don’t want to go through pinterest you can find it on Make It and Love It.

I had some light blue fleece in my stash so I decided to make a blue fish.  His parents love fishing. I first made a template to make sure that the fish would be big enough after I cut a big hole in it.  I cut some stiff clear vinyl to cover the hole and then pinned and sewed them together.

I read that it would be easier to use fabri-tac (glue for fabric) before sewing so that’s what you see here.

Because fleece doesn’t fray I just topstitched it closed but left a small opening so that I could fill the fish with poly beads and other fun goodies to “spy”.
2014-08-17 17.26.26

Some close-ups.

And here are some goodies to be i-spied.
20140206_203928 - Copy

Some other items included are a big button, trucks, leaves, sewing machine, cupcake, and many other things.

My friend suggested that this game probably isn’t really good for a one year old.  He wasn’t too interested in playing with it.  She said it’s probably more for like a three year old or so. So if you plan on making one or getting one for a gift I’d hold off until the kid is at least two and a half.

Harry Potter Robes

I love Harry Potter.  And so does my cousin.  He went to the WB Studio and seen the Harry Potter robes but they are so expensive that he ended up not getting them.  My mom had suggested that I make some for him. I hadn’t made anything on my own, without a pattern, before so I was a little hesitant.  But we went to Joann’s and got some fabric and I started looking up some inspiration.

I’d only made a few garments so I thought I would start with cutting a front and a back with a hood on the fold.


After I finished cutting this is what I ended up with.  I couldn’t figure out what happened or what I did or what I could do to salvage it.


But I sewed the pieces together as I had imagined in my mind and this is not what I was thinking. LOL!


So I looked up some more inspiration and found this image.  Since I had taken my cousin’s measurements I just adjusted these measurements to fit his.  Looking at these images reminded me of the Kwik Sew 3423 nightgown that I made a while ago.


Here is the Kwik Sew 3423 pattern that I loosely based the robes off of, along with the image above.  You can read about the nightgown here.


I laid out the material on the fold and sketched out a front piece, mirroring what the screenshot shows two photos above.  I did the same for all the other pieces.  Also, first time using chalk.


After I cut the black pieces out I traced them on the maroon piece.


All the pieces cut out of both the black and maroon fabric. I opted to not do a lining for the back piece as no one would see if it was there or not.


As is stated in the Kwik Sew pattern, you sew the shoulder pieces together first.


Then I sewed together the lining and outer pieces of the sleeve.


Then attached them to the body.


Finally it’s looking more like it should.


The sleeves are being hemmed.


Then I attached the hood which is what you see here, unhemmed.


Here it is all finished and hemmed.


It’s not the best but it’s as good as I could make it with my pattern-needing brain that didn’t have a pattern to follow.

And here’s my cousin wearing the robes.

basic-tee, any 5 year old can wear these

I wanted to make some shirts for my niece who turned five earlier this year.  I looked on the interwebs along with Pinterest.  I don’t remember where I found this tutorial but the pattern can be found on Craftsy.

According to the measurements, the free pattern size, size four, would fit my niece.  So I printed the instructions and free pattern and cut them up.  I typically use my little mason jars that hold all my sewing things as weights.  I’m hoping to make some real weights soon. Using the rotary helps out so much to cut knit fabric.
20160216_154353 - Copy

I didn’t get photos of actually making the shirts, but here they are.
20160216_210525 - Copy

Cute kids prints.
20160217_135057 - Copy

I thought this one would be nice as it is plain but still sweet.
20160217_181434 - Copy

I thought this would be too busy but in the end I really liked it.
20160217_181549 - Copy

All sewn up and folded, ready to be gifted.
20160217_181749 - Copy

My niece’s mom said they’re too big for her, they’re more like a size six.  But at least they weren’t too small for her.

Hope to get a shot of her wearing them soon.

Hello Kitty, Quilt Me aka Pinspiration – numero cincuenta y cuatro

In March 2015 I made my first quilt.  A basic straight line baby quilt.  I found 30 Handmade Days tutorial on Pinterest.

I found these cute Hello Kitty prints and these super cute coordinating prints.  Girly but not too girly.  And those colors!!!  Yum!

I cut all the pieces, strips only in varying size.  I’m sewing them together using my sewing machine table.  I had just gotten it and was super excited to use it.  Having that extra table length helps out tremendously!

This is the back.  I used two coordinating prints from the front to showcase in the back.

A VERY blurry picture but it’s showing how the quilting process.  Just straight stitches but I had to roll up the ends to fit in the “throat” of the sewing machine.

Another quilting shot.  Look at the topstitching!  Haha!!

The very first time that I ever ran out of thread!

Applying the binding by machine.  Love those binder clips!

The completed top side.

The completed bottom side.  I used the remaining scraps to make the binding so that’s why it’s a bit different on all sides.

I had a lot of fun making this quilt.  I’ve even made one more since and have another in the works.  I’ll be posting them soon. ish.  Haha.

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