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let’s go fishing aka pinterest numero – sesenta

I found this super cute toddler string backpack tutorial on Pinterest.  (I’ve since tried to link to it but the domain is no longer available.  I’m hoping that I can remember it enough to sort of re-write the tute so that I can come back to it later.)  Mamaurchin is the blog that has the tutorial if it comes back online.

Sorry for the blurry photos.

Start by finishing the edges so they don’t unravel in the future.  I believe the dimensions of these pieces are 11″x14″.
20160205_104233 - Copy

And here it is all finished.  I guess I forgot to take pictures in between.  I believe you iron on two 2 sqin pieces of interfacing at the bottom of both pieces.  This is to reinforce the grommets.
20160205_204353 - Copy

Before sewing the pieces together, measure and mark at 2″ and 1.25″ from the top. Press at 1.25″ mark.  This will help with the enclosures for the strings so that the raw edges are not exposed. Now sew the pieces RST with a 1/4″ SA stopping at the 2″ mark.  Sew the bottom edge as normal. Press SA on the sides all the way to the top.  Turn right side out and sew 0.75″ from the top which should match up with the 2″ mark.
20160205_204502 - Copy

These are the metal grommets that you use a hammer and grommet tools to close rather than the plastic ones that you clip together.  After turning right side out, use one of the grommets to mark where to cut.  Cut and install the grommet.  Repeat on the other side.
20160205_204401 - Copy

For the strings, I don’t know how much you need.  I usually just cut 2″ strips and fold in half, press, and then open and fold those two in half up to the first fold line, and press.  Sort of like how you make a double fold binding.  Then I topstitch down both sides and feed through until I get the desired length.  I’ve also made a bag with string and then burned the edges to close them.

I think that’s it.  I hope I didn’t leave anything out but if I did, please feel free to ask.

This is a pretty simple and fun drawstring bag to make.  The one I made with the strings was a Trick-O-Treat bag for my nephew.  I made it a bit bigger so he could fit lots and lots of candy in there.  So many options!!


In December 2015, my parents had come out a few days to visit before my dad had a business meeting at the strip.  While we were driving around I saw that my dad was carrying all his glasses, I think he has three different ones each with a case, in a plastic bag. So I asked him if he wanted something more sturdy for them.  I had seen a photo somewhere before a zipper bag with a handle on the front side rather than coming up from the sides. I know it sounds confusing but you’ll see what I’m talking about in a bit.

So I had some leftover fabric from his Christmas gift to make this zipper bag for his birthday.  It’s called Roam from Hawthorne Threads.  It’s one of their in-house prints that is digitally printed.  It’s gorgeous!

Oops..before I get ahead of myself, here is his Christmas gift.  He wanted a trash bag for his car. I used Pellon Matte Vinyl Fuse to make it water-resistant and easily wipeable.  img_20151107_163338

He’s always liked horses but recently he’s said that he also likes buffalo’s so that’s why I went with this print.  I liked how the top looks like the sky with the buffalo roaming and the yellow strap is like the sun.  On the interior is the cloud print at top and the feathers you see above.
20160130_155611 - Copy

Here’s the zipper bag I was started talking about above. I put some scraps together to make this bag.  I ended up messing up a little.  I had imagined the feathers print to be next to each other on the left, however, when I was piecing it I didn’t plan correctly and ended up with the feathers on the left side of both sides.img_20151219_191432

You can’t really tell in the picture above but in the one below you can see that on the other side of the feathers it’s the blue roaming one.  Also, here’s what I was talking about the handle being on the front side rather than on the sides.
20160130_155640 - Copy

I didn’t measure any of his cases so it’s a good thing they fit well.  I actually had a lot of fun making this bag because it was the first piecing/topstitching pieces I’d ever done.  It was a little stressful because I didn’t want to mess up with topstitching but then I remembered that my dad would love it no matter what.  haha. So then I felt better and just went with it.  The stitching is probably the straightest I’d made thus far.



My sister-in-law and I have a running joke, well more like I have a running joke, that I am going to buy her a snuggie because she’s always cold. I knew the general fit and look of a Snuggie but I didn’t really have a clue as to how I was going to make it.  I has wanted to make it for her for Christmas 2014 but because I didn’t know where to start I ended up chickening out and doing something else.

Around mid-November 2015, I had made myself a Marianne Dress.  I had found the pattern while perusing Indie Sew, which is where I get most of my patterns.  It turned out great except for the length, I had shortened just a tad bit too much.  It fit well, it was just about an inch or so shorter than I had imagined it was going to be.

But making the dress gave me an idea as to how I was going to construct the snuggie for my sil.  She’s about five times smaller than me so I just used the same size for the width and lengthened it.  Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of how I checked for length but basically I laid the fabric on the floor and laid down on/next to it to make sure that I have enough for the hem and everything.

From there I just followed the instructions for the dress.  Because fleece isn’t too stretchy I had to measure the neckline and cut my own neck band rather than cut what the pattern calls for.  Here is where I was measuring the neckline.  I just used a retractable measuring tape and clipped it to the neckline.  I think I saw somewhere that you take the measurement and subtract four inches to get the neckband length. So I think that’s what I did.  I don’t remember.  oops.  haha.
20151205_152315 - Copy

Here it is all finished…and next to my Christmas decorations.
20151207_102801 - Copy

A close-up of the neckband.  I sewed the seam allowance down so that it doesn’t pop up while she’s wearing it.  I think the length ended up being pretty good.  I really liked how it turned out, if I do say so myself.  haha!
20151207_102816 - Copy

Here is sil wearing it on Christmas Day after opening it up.
20151225_183252 - Copy

And my dorky bro who tried it on.  haha!
20151225_205727 - Copy

Who wore it better?!?!!?!!?!??

My bro was wearing it more than my sil and so I ended up making one for him for his birthday.  But we’ll save that for another post.


it’s a RED EYE, singer

The photos in this post are pretty blurry so I apologize in advance if your eyes hurt afterwards.  These are the only photos I have at the moment.

This old school Singer sewing machine was my great aunts.  I don’t know if it belonged to her mom first but I do know that it was hers for a very long time.  It was at her funeral that I learned she was a tailor.  I wish I had known before she passed and I wish that I had taken up sewing way before then.  It wasn’t until three years after she passed that I had started sewing.

In any event, this was her sewing machine and I just had to have it knowing that it was hers.  Here is the table.

As you can see up close it is going to need some cleaning and elbow grease to make it shine again.

A close-up of the iron underneath the table.  It’s pretty dusty and rusty.  gross!
20150929_091207 - Copy

And here is the sewing machine itself.  She’s a Red Eye Singer, built circa 1920’s, with a motor and light bulb that still work, and could have a belt attached if I wanted.

Ahhh..the blurriness!  But here she is after I took her out of my car and examined her.
20150929_091825 - Copy

I’m  debating whether I should just use chalk paint to clean up the wood part or if I should sand and stain.  I’ve not done either before so I would be going into either one a newbie.  And I don’t want to mess it up.

What do you think I should do?

Double Zip Wallet

When Noodlehead announced her book would be dropping I decided that I needed it right away and purchased it from Amazon.  It arrived the same day as it’s release and I jumped into it.  You can get a signed copy here.

As soon as I saw the double zip wallet I knew I had to make it.  I made one as a tester and I’m so glad I did because I learned a lot from them.

Here I’m starting on my second one.  This one has its interior fused with Pellon’s vinyl fuse.  (Super easy and super fun to apply.)

I’m not sure what this is all about.  I think it’s supposed to be how I folded the straps on the inside for when I was sewing it closed. I don’t know, but it’s fun to see, ya?
20150911_081859 - Copy

That’s got to be what it was because here is a different shot of the same thing, along with my tag placement.
20150911_081919 - Copy

And here it is all sewn together.  I made the interior fabric vinyl-fused since I was planning on wearing it to Disneyland and wanted to make sure water couldn’t get through the whole wallet/bag.
20150911_095218 - Copy

strap ends.

A close-up of front of the double zip wallet.

It turned out pretty good and useful, however, I have since added some parachute clips so that it is easier and faster to remove if needed.  All in all, though, I really like that it’s big enough to carry the essentials but small enough to not be in the way.

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