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Union St. Tee

This is one of my first t-shirt patterns that I purchased.  It took me a few months to actually sew one and then about another year before I sewed my next one.

I was intimidated by the v-neck and had a bit of trouble the first time sewing it.  I also hadn’t taken into account the fact that my fabric would shrink when washing and so I didn’t have enough fabric to make two separate shirts like I had planned.

I used the two colors that I had of this same print and made one shirt.  It actually came out pretty good.

Here is the neckband.  You can see that there is white and black on the topside.  It’s because when I went through the first time I missed some material.  I went through a second time to catch it and ended up sewing it on the opposite side.  Oops.

A close-up of the V.  It looks pretty good, in my opinion, for being my first time sewing something like this.

Here you can see that I used two different colors.  It was almost a year before I even wore it outside because I thought it looked funny.  The two colors were supposed to be two wearable muslins but because of shrinkage I ended up making only one.

I wore it to work at the Community Commons and my boss said that she didn’t even notice that it was two different colors.  So maybe I’ll wear it out again.  I don’t know.


Foxglove Tank

I saw this Foxglove Tank on Indie Sew a while back and thought I’d try my hand at a knit one.


It was my first time using my serger.  I kept the thread colors black and white so that I could tell how the serger was sewing.

Here it is all hemmed.


And one last shot.


I forgot to take into account that knit stretches before I cut my material.  I should have sized down because this tank is a bit too big for me.  I use it as a work out tank, though, so it’s all good.  Sometimes I tie a knot in the back to keep it from pushing out too much in the front.


In September 2015 I went to Disneyland twice in two weeks.  It was the first time I’d been in a few years so it was nice to be able to go twice.

The first day, I went earlier in the day with my cousin-L and sil-S.

Then later in the day, bro-M and sil-S’s cousin joined us.

Then the following week I went with Paul, my MIL, and niece-R.

When we came back home from Cali, I sewed this small zipper bag.  I was playing around a bit, trying new techniques.  I used a metal zipper and some bias tape to cover the edges.

I think it turned out pretty cute.

Just thought I’d add some sewing pictures into every post.  Haha!

A New Kitchen Faucet

In March 2014 (wow!  almost four years!!) after our second miscarriage we took a trip to Home Depot and decided it was time to update our kitchen faucet.  I know, a weird thing to do, but it was sort of like we just needed to do something.  So a new kitchen faucet it is.

Also, this is in our house in Ohio.

We had inherited this standard builder grade model.

With these awesome nasty connecting tubes.

And this wonderful hot mess.

I needed some help so Paul came to the rescue!

We had a hard time getting the faucet loose so we ended up cutting the pipes.  That looks so gross!

This was the connector at the bottom.  Blech!

Just after we pulled the faucet up.  Pretty gross!

Here she is all completely installed!

It was fairly easy to install.  I had installed three other faucets, bathroom faucets, prior so I’d had some experience. Also, other people who gave me advice about changing out the kitchen faucet made it seem like it was going to be the hardest thing to do.  But it wasn’t.  I’m so glad we updated our faucet and can’t wait to get back to it!

The Original Handmade Snuggie aka Pinspiration numero – setenta

I had pinned this a loooong time ago.  I had wanted to make something for Paul but there aren’t many Men patterns.  I used this as a jumping point to make my first snuggie.  For Paul.
Source: All Free Sewing via Tricia on Pinterest

I followed the steps listed out in the tutorial.  The first was to set the sleeves shape.

Then I cut sleeves.  I made them long so that they would keep him warm.

A blurry photo that shows how I choose the sleeve length.

Hood time!

In the tutorial it says to curve the bottom.

Starting the sewing!

A photo with him wearing it! (In our Ohio home!)

A photo of all three snuggies!!

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