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Crossbody Tote

I had made Noodle-Head’s Summer Madras Tote a few years ago for myself but neglected to take any photos.  My friend had saw it hot off the machine and asked me to make one for her.  I started looking for fabric that week, however, about a year later was when she finally received it.  I’m so slow.

I had all the pieces cut and started putting them together but I remembered how to sew it together wrong and just gave up.  When I finally went back to work on it, I finished it within a few days.  I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain but if something is not right, it takes me a while to get over my timidness and just do it. Because when I do, I realize that it usually isn’t as hard as I was making.  Also, bonus points to those that can name which episode of GG I was watching at the time.
20160318_154411 - Copy

The is the inside.  There’s a zipper pocket and two slip pockets, with a magnetic snap closure.  The strap is adjustable and sewn on the outside of the tote.
20160318_154423 - Copy

The black is a twill from the now closed Hancock Fabrics, the purple with silver dots is from Joann Craft Store, the interfacing is a cotton duck canvas from Joann Craft Store as well.  The magnetic closure and adjustable strap hardware are from an Etsy store.

Sorry for the blurry photos, I didn’t realize how blurry they were until I saw them as I was writing this post.

Birthday Gifts

One of my friends likes to crochet and has several hooks but not enough space to hold them.  So I thought about making this Sew Together Bag. I had bought the pattern when we were still in Ohio, before I learned about PDF patterns. I was a bit intimidated by this pattern but after making a few other things I realized that it would only be as intimidating as I made it.

So I started working on it and found that it really wasn’t that hard to make.  As long as you take it one step at a time.  Here I’ve gotten all three zipped sections sewed and put together.  I think the hardest part is at the end when sewing the bias tape onto the edges.  It also could’ve been the hardest part for me because my thread kept getting pulled up and into a ball.
20160210_110818 - Copy

After re-threading several times and taking a short break I finally got it completed.  After I finished it I realized that I probably should have used a color of thread that matches the bias.  But my friend loves the color green so I just kept it.
20160216_085013 - Copy

Here is a close-up of bias and thread color.
20160216_085049 - Copy

The completed inside.
20160216_085137 - Copy

Speaking of green, these are the prints that I used to make her a blanket.
20160319_103623 - Copy

She loves the celtic look too, so it all worked out.  I used this foot for the first time and found that I LOVE IT!  I don’t remember the name of the foot but just know that I love it. Haha!
20160321_142726 - Copy

This was also the first time that I used this binding method my mom found on you tube.
20160322_105356 - Copy

Here is the front side.
20160322_120937 - Copy

And the backside.
20160322_121115 - Copy

I’d had this material for a year before I got it sewed up so I’m glad that I got it done and finally gave it to her.

Mixing It Up

An instagram friend announced she was having a baby in May 2015 and I just had to make a blanket for her little girl. I wanted to make one that was super comfy and that could use up some scraps.

I had purchased this coral chevron for another project that was never made.  The pink flannel was used to make some aprons for an old co-worker’s family members.  The pink and purple plaid was purchased to make a toddler nightgown but ended up being used to make some shorts for my niece and a friend’s daughters.
20160208_131516 - Copy

I pieced them together to match the backing that I had purchased to make a toddler nightgown.
20160208_131618 - Copy

I also made some pacifier holders for her.
20160221_091946 - Copy

Isn’t that ladybug super cute?  This was pretty fun and I’m so glad that I was able to make something for a friend I made over IG.

Marvel Super Heroes

One of my cousins and her husband LOVE Marvel and DC Comics/Movies/characters.  They even had a Super Hero themed birthday party.  So when she announced that she was pregnant I knew I had to make something with this super cute Marvel Kawaii print.

I decided on making a blanket which shows off the print the best.  Knowing that she was going to have a girl made looking for the accent print hard.  I had gone to Joann’s for an accent print and decided on a bright yellow background with red ladybugs.  It didn’t really go well together but I couldn’t find anything else.  Luckily I looked and looked and looked and found this super cute, very simple, color matching triangle print.  The minky was the same color as the husband’s superhero shirt at his party, and I made sure that she (my cousin) was okay with blue for her daughter.
20160203_122956 - Copy

Just so you can see the prints better.  Aren’t they so cute!!!
20160208_132240 - Copy

The completed blanket.
20160208_132640 - Copy

Since I had some leftover material I also made some burp cloths.
20160208_131940 - Copy

And door closure covers.  The elastic wraps around the knobs and covers the tab thing so that as you open and close the door, there’s no noise to wake up the baby.
20160208_132049 - Copy

I also made these pacifier holders.
20160221_092420 - Copy

I had a great time making these items.  The blanket was based off measurements of the minky that I had in my stash, the burp cloths were based off the measurements of the scrap pieces, the door closure covers were based off eyeball measuring of a random door in my house, and the pacifier holders measurements were taken from Make It – Love It.

totes on totes

These are all cut from fat quarters.

My dad ordered these for some of his clients.  I think they turned out alright.  =)  They are all made using just five fat quarters.

They are fun and easy to make.  On the inside there is a slip pocket and magnetic snap closure.  You can also add a zippered pocket on the other side of the slip pocket.  There are so many modifications you can do to personalize!!!!

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