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At the beginning of October, our friends told us about a huge sale that Home Depot was having on blinds.  They were up to 60% off!!  Well, we let about three weeks go by before we checked them out online.  After picking Kathy’s brain about all things blinds I went to HD to look around some more.  The HD guy quoted me $110 for a 2″ wood slats in white.  He said that was a  a real good price.  But according to the the overstock sale online, it WAS NOT!!  And at 12 sets of blinds!!  So when I got home I took the measurements and searched online for the right ones for us.  Since Paul had already gone to bed I had to wait til the next day to confirm with him the purchase of these blinds.  I wanted to get a darker color that our friends have but they were all sold out.  We ended up going with a medium brown (chestnut).  Once they came in they went up and I realized that this color looked better than the darker color ever would have looked.

We replaced white mini blinds – this is the only picture I have of the blinds, hopefully you can see them


with these chestnut 2″ wood slats


The above picture will be used again in another post coming soon. Please excuse my use of the same pictures over and over. I didn’t think that I would like to have pictures to document the process of my projects, but then I realized that I do. That, and Paul talked me into taking pictures. He knows me so well.

So there you have it. It’s not the first project that we started and it’s definitely not the last.


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