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First Paint Job

I’m spoiled.  We all know that.  Let’s just get it out there.  That being said, I need to admit something.  I have never painted a room in a house in my life.  I hadn’t really planned on having to paint in my life.  Unfortunately, this house came with purple walls.  Not bad in itself just not a color for a living room nor for me us.


Since I didn’t know what to do or quite where to start, I took my time getting into it.  After I came back from California I was shopping at Kohl’s and found a rug that pulled together all the colors in my living room.


Then I took it to Home Depot to match a color in the rug. I found Behr’s Classic Taupe.

I purchased two gallons of Classic Taupe, one gallon of primer, some paint rollers, plastic tarp, etc. Then I got started. I first pushed everything into the middle and covered it up with the plastic sheeting. First things first and I started on the primer. It was so weird rolling the primer – just so stiff and rough. I got about half a wall done before Paul came home and finished the job for me.



The next day I started on the actual color – Classic Taupe.


And the day after that Paul and I put on a second coat since I didn’t do all that great on the first one.


We took about a week to get the painting done and all the furniture put together and set up. We also wanted to put up curtains and blinds. Since we already had our blinds the last thing we needed was the curtains. Off to Tarjay!!! I found these two colors and couldn’t decide which color I wanted.


Thanks to some friends’ input, I ended up going with the lighter color curtains.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the finished living room yet. But they will be coming soon!! Maybe sometime next week since this week is Thanksgiving week and there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Here’s one last look at the before, during, and after…





After (sort of)…


More to come!


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