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Christmas 2011

It’s that time of the year! I love Christmas! I think it’s my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is a close second. There’s just something about the cold weather, the greens and reds and whites and silvers everywhere, the scent of pine and cinnamon……I just LOVE Christmas! Oh! I can’t forget the gifts. I do like getting gifts! Since Thanksgiving has now passed and black friday had come and gone, it is time to get the Christmas decorations up and the Christmas cards out!

This is the first time we get to celebrate Christmas in our own house so the first time I can decorate. This is the Christmas 2011 mantle as of today. It might change as the weeks go by until I find a set up that I can really enjoy. It also may just stay this way until it is time to come down. We’ll see. =)

I’ve also added a picture of all the Christmas cards that will be going out tomorrow. Be on the lookout for yours!




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2 thoughts on “Christmas 2011

  1. you already finished your christmas cards!?! wowee!

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