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Who turned out the lights?

Our guest bathroom light fixture was a sight for sore eyes. But after a few months (yes, a few months) later we finally changed it out.  The delay was not so much that I am a procrastinater, okay maybe about half of it was, but it was because I started the project the week we left for California not knowing that it was going to require more work than I planned.  I was there for four weeks.  And then I took another week-long trip to Alabama to visit with a friend.  And then from there it was all procrastination.  But we had guests coming in for Thanksgiving, which you can read about here, so I had to get it done so they would have a working light in their bathroom.

This set of lights is from the half bath on the first floor. I forgot to take a picture in the guest bath before I took it down. But you get the idea of what the light fixture looked like before I changed it out.

I got that ug (ug=ugly) fixture down and this is what was waiting for me. A small, jagged hole with the wires sticking out. Not safe at all!!!

While we were in Cali, Paul’s dad told us about this contraption that we could use to hold the fixture to the wall. (This contraption thing is what took me FORever to get the fixture-changing-process going again. I didn’t want to look like a dork asking all these questions so I procratinated, more.) But once I got my butt down to HD and asked S.E.V.E.R.A.L questions I found what I needed. And the nice HD guy gave me templates to help me cut through the drywall. So this was my first attempt at trying to cut through the drywall.

I VERY quickly found that I couldn’t cut through the drywall by myself so I got my handy-dandy drill and made small holes through the template, took it off, and then started cutting again.

This was what I ended up with.

I ran the wires through, skimmied the contraption thing into the hole, and tightened the screws to secure it to the drywall.

Then I attached the wires together; black to black, white to white, ground to ground-making sure to wrap it around the ground screw first.

Here it is with the fixture just hangin’ around.

Once I got that all the wires properly hooked up, I was able to get the fixture set up and placed on. Now before I show you what it finally looked like I have to tell you that I didn’t think about the placement of the cross bar and how it would affect the way the fixture would sit. It took me about three times to get it right. The first time “I finished” ,the fixture would have been facing diagonally left, towards the toilet. In order for me to get it straight, I had to take all the wiring apart and place the fixture on the ground to pull out the box so I could rotate it. I put everything back up and tried a second time. Thankfully it wasn’t too angled and I just had to slightly adjust it so that by the third time I placed the fixture against the wall to screw it in it was level. And facing the right way. So here it is finally, after three tries. Ahhhh…….

Here is a photo with more of its surroundings.

And just for those who were wondering what kind of mess I made by sawing through the drywall to make way for the wires, here is a picture of the sink which is below the fixture.

This was my first time installing updating a vanity fixture. It was a lot of work but loads of fun. I really do enjoy doing things like this. How about you? Do you like home projects or do you prefer craft projects? Have you had to change out a vanity fixture before? I’d like to hear your stories.

All photos were edited by pixlr-o-matic online.


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