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It’s Friday again already?! Well, you know what that means! Here are my cell phone photos for the week. I’m linking up with
Lindsey@The Pleated Poppy the pleated poppy blog
and Jeanette@Life Rearranged. life rearranged

One day as I was driving along the 675N I saw this little guy just hanging out watching all the cars drive by. So I took a quick pic of him to share with you.

At Sears while returning some items, I saw this little lovely. I thought it was so cute. Someone just recently was asking me what I thought the difference was between a muffin and a cupcake. I had to think about it for a while and during my while is when I saw this. Now I know. And so do you!

On the way down to my house, is this house with Santa and his five kangaroos.


Our first CHRISTmas dinner with some friends we met while stationed at Maxwell.  It’s so nice to come here and already know some folks.  L-R: Crissi, Dale, Kathy, Eli, Drew, and Taylor.  Paul is in the background (in the green shirt behind Dale) helping Aiden (Drew and Kathy’s middle boy) pick out a movie to watch.

Since Aiden didn’t make the group shot he got his own.  He just loved this trash can as a hat.  He was even watching tv with it on his head for a few minutes.  I love how he just loves his new hat and is so proud of it!

Back when I went to visit my friend, Melissa, in NY we went to Mario Batalli’s Eataly.  While we were there we saw soo many Parm cheese rolls like this and JUST had to touch it.  Well, in case you didn’t know, they are SUper SUPer SUPER oily and we got it all over our hands.  It was super gross!!!  I saw this displayed at our local Kroger and thought of her.

I took this scenery shot to show all the bare trees or “ghost trees” as my nephew, Bailen, used to call them.  I took a shot similar to this one a few months ago when the leaves were orange-y/yellow-y.  I’m planning to take another one in the Spring and Summer so that I can see what it looks like throughout each season.  If I remember, I’ll post all four of them for you to see.  But for now, here is Winter.

It’s been so much fun having a place to call my own that I can decorate.  Every evening I like to light up my candles and smell their aroma.  The red one is cinnamon and bayberry, the green one is spruce in the snow, and the white one is pure vanilla creme.  They are all PartyLite candles and the holders are PL too.  I love me some PartyLite!!

Paul signed up to bring chocolate chip cookies to work one day this week.  He used to bake cookies all by himself back in the day and so he wanted to make them for his co-workers here.  Here is is mixing the wet ingredients.  I just love his facial expression.  He’s so super cute!  love.

My family is coming into town for Christmas this year.  So when I started planning the menu for Sunday, I knew I needed a “vege” dish.  Since the brussels sprouts were such a hit at Thanksgiving, I thought I’d make them again for Christmas.  Paul’s cousin, Becky, was telling me about how you can buy brussels sprouts that are still attached to their stalk.  I hadn’t seen it the first time I went to pick them up so I couldn’t quite picture it.  But this time at the market, I found them chillin’ on their stalk before I found them in bag form.  In case you didn’t know they come still attached to their stalk either, here is a picture of what they look like.

The whole time we were in Alabama, I really missed Trader Joe’s.  So when I found out that there was one here I couldn’t believe it.  It has taken me a while to get over there because it’s a little ways from me but I was in that area and decided to take a looksie to see if it really was a legit Trader Joe’s.  Lo and behold it is!!!

Thanks for reading about my week.  The highlight of this week was finally finishing up some small projects that have been looming over my head for the past few weeks.  What did you do this week?  Anything different than your normal, typical week?  Did you go out to buy Christmas presents?  Or maybe you got sick and stayed in bed.  Either way let me know what you did and what was the highlight of your week.

Happy Friday!!

(all photos have been edited through the pixlr-o-matic android app)

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