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Light it up!

When we moved into our house, we noticed all the gold (yuck!) fixtures.  We took our time looking for the right fixture to replace this ug (ug=ugly) one.  Paul wanted one where the light bulbs were facing up.  This one is facing down and was always getting in his face.  I wanted one that was easy to change out the bulbs.  We also wanted one that was NOT gold.  There were a few light fixtures that had been replaced by modern, more up-to-date light fixtures so we decided to continue that theme throughout the first level of the house.

Here is a close up of what came with the house.

After a few months of putting off changing out the light, we finally got off our behinds and got it done.  (It was mainly because we had guests coming over and we wanted the new fixture up – oh the things that motivate us)!!  This is me taking down the ug fixture.  I was so excited to get this project done that I started taking the ug fixture down before Paul was ready.  Oops!!

I don’t remember exactly what Paul is doing here but he is concentrating very hard.  I think he was figuring out how to attach the chain link to the cord.  We had to undo the links a couple of times because we thought we did it wrong.  Turned out that we had it right the first time so needless to say that we were a little frustrated towards the end.

But we finally finished and got it screwed in securely.  Here is the finished project with Paul in the background making sure the light works.  Looking at it from this angle makes it kind of look like an octopus.  Oh well.  We really like it and we’re glad that we decided to go with this one versus one that we weren’t too sure about.

Have you ever changed out a dining room light?  What were your experiences looking for a fixture?  Did you know what you wanted to get right off the bat or did it take you a while to choose one?

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