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Linking up my weekly cell phone photos.

Last Friday I was on my way home and saw this beautiful sunset.  I know I’m not supposed to take pictures while drving.  But if I didn’t then you wouldn’t be seeing this beautiful picture.  =)  Like my justification???  =)

We got this Cuisinart Griddler for Christmas from my SIL in Texas.  We had some extra hambuger patties from when my family was in town so we defrosted some and put them on the cuisi-grill, grill-nart.  Cuisinart Griddler.  Thanks, Lewis family!!

My SIL sent me a pic of my nephew, Brody, so while it’s not exactly from my cell phone, it’s from a cell phone.  Doesn’t he look just so peaceful?  love.

The new catalog is here!!!  If you want one, email me and I’ll get one to ya!!

We’re getting our master bathroom updated.  Well, really we’re just extending the shower through the bump that is on the left.  About a month ago one of the workers came to cut that whole in the wall to make sure that there wasn’t anything in the wall to stop us from extending.  The guy came on Thursday so I quickly got a before shot in before he started working.

In the early afternoon it started snowing.  I took a few pics but you couldn’t really see the snow.  So I stuck my leg out my door and let my black pants collect some snow so you could see it.  It was really cold and I wished that I had shoes on, but it’s just so much easier to wear slippers than shoes.  But YAY for snow!!

Unfortunately our bathroom update is going to take a little longer than expected.  After a few hang-ups, and many hang-downs, we are looking at a finish date of mid-February.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

After a half hour or so of snowing, the snow started sticking to the ground so I went out to take a picture so you can see the snow falling and sticking to the ground.  It looks like there is snot coming out of my nose but it’s really just the camera capturing the falling snow.  I love it when it snows!  It’s so beautiful.  Or as my friends says it, “it’s so magical”.  It really is!!!!!

We had dinner with our neighbors and I was designated to bring dessert.  I wasn’t quite sure what to bring since I’m not really good at dessert.  Whenever we have people over for dinner I always do brownies and ice cream.  Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love brownies and ice cream?  So I started looking through Pinterest for some ideas.  Nothing really jumped out at me until I saw a recipe for Key Lime cupcakes.  Then I knew what I wanted to make.  Green Cake!  I’d met green cake a little over a year ago when my friend over at ReAlDaPh made it for the guys at work for St. Patty’s Day.  It was so delicious!!  So I called her up and got the recipe and made it.  Mmmm…I Love Green Cake!!!!!  Thanks, R!!!

Happy Friday!!

(all photos have been edited through the pixlr-o-matic android app)


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