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Bath Time Capsule

I was looking into our bathroom, staring at the studs wishing that our shower was completed so we didn’t have to use the guest bathroom.  But then!  I was reminded of when my parents re-did their kitchen, my dad wrote on the stud their names and the date they moved in or got married or something like that.  A few days later I finally got around to writing our names and the date we moved into the house onto a stud.  I was looking around and noticed that a small wall just to the left of the bathtub was open.  You can see the tub (kind of) here; it’s actually at the bottom right of the picture.  AND THEN!  I remembered reading about how John Peterisk at Young House Love made a small time capsule to put under their new countertops.  So I looked up their site and found it!!  So I got to working and brainstorming ideas of how I wanted to make my time capsule and here’s what I came up with.

It reads:

Hi there!

Our names are Paul (age 30) and Tricia (age 30) Stadelbacher.  We moved into this house on July 21, 2011.  Thanks to the United States Air Force, we have lived in California (we were both born and raised in Southern CA and Paul’s first assignment was LA AFB), Alabama (Maxwell AFB), and now Ohio (Wright-Patterson AFB).  We’re a family of two waiting on His perfect timing to make us three.   We currently have a blog,, to keep friends and family far and near up-to-date on what’s going on in our lives.

Looks like you’ll be getting a new master bathroom soon.  Here’s to your new master bath and any and all you fun home projects!

P & T Stadelbacher

I included our Christmas 2011 photo card so they could get a glimpse of what we look like and what 2011 looked to us.


Then I placed it into a ziploc bag and took it upstairs.  I didn’t staple it to the wood studs like John did at YHL because it didn’t seem like I needed to.  So I just placed it against the bathtub as you can see here.


Thanks Mom and Dad and John and Sherry for the great ideas!

(all photos have been edited through the pixlr-o-matic android app)

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