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Pinterest Inspiration – numero uno

I took to Pinterest a while back but never did anything with it.  Over the holidays was when I kicked it into high-pinning-gear!

When we moved to Ohio, we started eating quinoa every Wednesday with salmon.  We call it salmon Wednesdays.  Since we’ve come to really like quinoa I thought it’d be nice to find new ways to cook with it.

Enter Pinterest.

One of the first pins I pinned was this recipe for quinoa burgers.  I thought it would be a great alternative to hamburgers, turkey burgers, and chicken burgers.  I’d been wanting to try making it for a while now but I didn’t feel confident enough.  This week while menu planning I must have found the confidence somewhere because I wrote down all the ingredients on my list and picked them up at the commissary (and kroger).
Source: Eating Well…Living Thin via Tricia on Pinterest

While the quinoa was cooking, I went to cutting the green onion and zucchini.  The recipe calls for carrots but said that zucchini could be substituted.  Once all the ingredients were mixed throughly I scooped them up into a 1/4 cup scoop and plopped them onto the skillet.  This is the first batch I plopped down.  I should note that I rarely pan fry (or fry for that matter) so that’s where some of the hesitation came from too.

This is still the first batch, just turned over.

As I cooked the rest of the mixture I let some sit on the pan just a little too long, on accident of course!!  While they may not be uniform in shape, size, and thickness, they came out tasting great.  And Paul gave them two thumbs up!!  The recipe said that the mix would make approximately 10 burgers.  My mixture made 13.  Oh well.  The more the merrier!!  =)

And yes, that is green cake.  For those of you who remember from a few weeks ago when I made some for dinner with our neighbors.  I’d been craving it since we ran out so I made some again.  Yay for green cake!!

While Pinterest is quite addicting and time flies by while you’re pinning, it can produce some awesome things.  Overall I’m very happy with my first Pinterest “project” and I look forward to many (many!) more.

Have you heard of Pinterest?  Are you spending hours and hours on it like me?  Have you put your inspiration to the test be it a recipe, a craft or home project, a work out, or an outift?  Send your linky this way!!  I’d like to see what inspires you!!

Happy pinning!!

(all photos edited by pixlr-o-matic)


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