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Laundry Room Ideas…..continued

A few weeks ago I posted that we I want to update our laundry room.  The post reads as if it is complete.  However, I didn’t plan on publishing it as it was.  There is so much more that I wanted to add.  So here is the rest of the story.

Thanks to Pinterest I found a few ideas which really got the ball rolling.

This is the first “pinspiration” I found. It’s the one that sparked the idea of actully redoing the laundry nook. I’d wanted to do something I just didn’t know what. So when I saw this, I thought I’d get started on researching.
Source: Overwhelmed by Clutter? via Tricia on Pinterest

Actually, it was getting on Pinterest and finding a bunch of laundry room pictures that made me get my butt into gear.

This is the second pinspiration I found. This one gave me the idea of having cabinents, which is what I’d wanted to do originally, but also incorporating an area which I could hang clothes to dry. Saving me a trip upstairs to hang clothes on doorway trim.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Then I saw this “built in” flat drying rack and was trying to think of how I could incorporate it into my laundry nook. But I don’t think I’ll be able to. It’s a great idea, though.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

After reviewing Kevin & Amanda’s post about their laundry room renovation and seeing these two pins I started thinking about what I wanted to do. I first decided that I wanted to utilize the space, as Amanda did, for “overflow” storage and that I wanted to have a hanging bar.

So I made my first trip to Target and Home Depot to see what I could find and how much, potentially, it would cost for this project. I found a few items that matched what I was looking for.

At Target I found this reversible wire shelf, to place in between the cabinents, that I could screw into the wall to hang clothes on. But I wanted to stay away from wired shelving. So I took it as just a starting point.

I didn’t find anything else at Target that I could use so I headed to Home Depot.

Looking around the unfinshed stock cabinents, which were on sale, I found some great pieces like this one. It looks a little different with the door open but it’s basically a 30″H x 18″W x 12″D cabinent that looks like the ones in our kitchen. I was thinking that I could do two cabinents in each corner and then connect them with a hanging rod similar to the photo above. Or put the wired shelf in the middle.

They even had finished white cabinents in stock that were discounted!

Before getting ahead of myself and purchasing the finished stock cabinents (in white!) I talked to someone about the process of finishing the unfinished ones. I could stain or paint them any color. But that would include having to purchase sanding paper, wood finish/paint, small pieces of wood (I don’t know what their technical name is) to help support the cabinents, plus hours of online learning of how to hang cabinents since we would be doing it ourselves. On the other hand, if I got the finished (in white!) ones then all I would need is the small pieces of wood (I still don’t know what their technical name is) to help support the cabinents and hours of online learning of how to hang cabinents.

I noted the prices of each cabinent, sanding paper and wood finish that I would need and started walking around thinking that I was done. For sure Paul would be okay with us getting cabinents that we had to finish and hang ourselves because they were on sale!!  Haha!  Yea right!

So I walked around and looked at other ways that I could create a shelving unit that can be combined with a hanging rod, and not look lame. A story that will be saved for another day since this post is a bit longer than I expected. I’ll let you take a breather here so you can read the rest of the story a day not too far from today. Haha. (My weird sense of humor is coming out…)

But before I go, are there any of you that are planning to redo their laundry rooms/nooks? What features are you lacking now that you MUST have in your new room? Or maybe you’ve already made your changes and you’d like to share? =p Whatever your case may be, just remember that you’re not out there on your own!

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