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I have this obsession with yellow.

I blame my SIL.  And her yellow kitchen.

It was love at first sight.

I thought that I had a picture of her kitchen but I can’t seem to find it now. The color is similar to this yellow (#ECB421) here.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

The next yellow I saw was this dresser. It belongs to a crafter whose product(s) I wear often. The yellow doesn’t seem as bright as I remember it being from when I saw it a few years ago for the first time. But it’s still one of my favorites.  She was even contemplating repainting it a teal but many of her readers commented that she should keep the yellow.  One of them was me.  =)  I know, I do what I can.  Haha.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Loving these two yellows made me want to paint my kitchen yellow. I even bought some sample sizes at Lowe’s to see exactly what yellow I liked up against my oak (I think) cabinents – I was planning on painting the cabinents white so the yellow would stand out better but more on that later.

I also really like the yellow (second from bottom) in this autum leaf.  Side note – I’ve noticed that I really, really, REALLY like the colors of Fall.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

When we were living on base at Maxwell, one of my friends had painted her living room yellow.  And just like that I fell in love with yellow all over again. I don’t have a picture so I can’t show you exactly what her’s looked like but this one is pretty close.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

I still am unsure of exactly what shade of yellow I am most fond of. I really like the mustardy yellow but I also like the soft country yellow as well as the bright, bold yellow.

Here is an example of the bright, bold yellow I’m talking about.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Well, I thought that I had a soft country yellow to show you but it looks like I don’t. So I’ll just give you another example of a mustardy yellow that I found on Pinterest. Where else, right? =) It’s called Golden Tainoi.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Even after looking at all these different yellows that are available I still don’t know what shade of yellow I like best. So six months later, our kitchen is still the same green that it was when we bought the house and I still have those sample sizes just chillin’ like a villan. Haha. I used that phrase in high school. Oh, the good ol’ days. What am I talking about the good ol’ days. Those days are right now!!!

Anyways, the reason I’m bringing up all these different yellows is because of those three sample sized shades that I have to do something with. As you know, I’ll be redoing our laundry nook sometime soon and what better way to bring some yellow into the house than to paint the laundry nook yellow. Maybe.  =/ Also, it would be a great way to bring some contrast to the white that we’re going to be putting in there. I also have a sign that sits above the doors that says, “Laundry. A never ending cycle.” And, dunh-dunh-duh-da! It’s in yellow! Well, the wording is yellow, the background is white-ish. You’ll see a picture of it soon.

“But enough talking of the color yellow!” you say. “What are you going to do with the sample size yellows?” you say. “Why are you saying what I’m saying?” you say. Heh. Sorry, it’s late and this is how my brain works.

Good thing you asked.

I have decided to paint the laundry nook one of the yellows. It’s the more mustardy looking of the three that I got.

And I had been talking about painting the inside of our pantry yellow for the longest time. So I took the bright-er, bold-er yellow (of the three) and cleaned out my pantry and painted it. (Finally!)

All I have left is the soft country yellow that I have absolutely no idea what to do with. I’ll have to find another “inside of something” to paint.

Oops.  This post was to be about me, on a whim, cleaning out the pantry and painting it with one of my yellows but it ended up just being about the color yellow.

Guess you’ll just have to wait and see how my whim turned out.

But until then, let me hear your thoughts on the color of yellow. My cousin and my nephew both LOVE the color yellow. It’s been their favorite color for the past four to five years. Do you like it? What shade or tint do you like best? Would you ever paint your kitchen yellow? Would you ever paint any room in your house yellow? Am I crazy? =)


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