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Linking up my weekly cell phone photos.

I love this picture of my bud Levi! We had planned to eat at this vietnamese restaurant that is very popular so we got there about 10 mins before opening. Or so we thought. The parking lot was empty and we thought we were lucky getting there before everyone so I went to check the hours and found out that they were closed on mondays. Suck! So we went to CFA which is where I snapped this shot. What a cutie!!

A sneak peek of my pantry painting project!!

My friend Melissa lived in NY a year ago and on a cold Spring night she went to a Yankee game.  Which prompted her to get a hot chocolate in this oh-so-cute tumbler.  Which she then gave to me.  And I used it this week to keep my homemade pomegranate blueberry tea latte warm.  It was so awesome!

I went to an OSC function today and got all dressed up.  I completely forgot that it was a Valentine’s theme and wore all black.  With a hot pink petal pusher.  It was fun but so different from Maxwell’s OSC.

This is for my SIL, Sheri.  As I was putting up my party clothes I saw it and realized that I forgot to break it out when you were here in Jan.   So here you go!!!  Now if only I can remember  the next time you’re out here.  =)  hahahaha!!!

What did you all do this week?  Anything more exciting than me?  Did you go to a restaurant expecting the best tasting food and then realize that it was closed for the day?  =(  Maybe you found a shirt in your closet that you had forgotten about?  Whatever you did, I hope you had a great week!  Thanks for reading!!

Happy Friday!!

(all photos have been edited through the pixlr-o-matic android app)


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6 thoughts on “Instafriday

  1. Jssorry on said:

    Love the pantry. I want a yellow or red door :)

  2. I love your yellow pantry! Very colourful!

  3. Um…thanks, SIL. :D No need to break it out for me. I think we have one here. ;-) xoxo

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