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Laundry Room Ideas…continued, x2

Where did I leave off? Oh yes, I was telling you about the cabinents and how they were on sale and how I just knew Paul would LOVE that I would get them because they were on sale.

HA!  Of course I knew that he would NOT love that idea! So I started looking around Home Depot for some more ideas of how to turn my dumpy laundry nook into a spectacular laundry nook that looks something close to this but without the blacksplash:
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Let me start with some price break downs of what I’d found so far:

White Finished Cabinents

  • 30″H x 18″W x 12″D vertical cabinent = $89.00 x 2 = $178.00
  • 15″H x 30″W x 12″D horizontal cabinent = $89.00
  • Small wood pieces = $8.00 (guesstimating)
  • Total to be spent = $275.00

However, with the discount applied the adjusted price would be $220.00, before taxes and hanging rod.

Even though we hadn’t set a budget for the renovation – hold up, I have a side track coming, is this considered a renovation or is it considered a redo, I don’t know what the difference is – I knew that $220 was not something to take home to papa. So I crossed that option out and looked at getting the unfinished cabinents.

Unifnished Cabinents

  • 30″H x 18″W x 12″D vertical cabinent = $47.00 x 2 = $94.00
  • 15″H x 30″W x 12″D horizontal cabinent = $52.00
  • Wood Finish (stain) = $11.84
  • Sand Paper = $3.27
  • Small wood pieces = $8.00 (guesstimating)
  • Total to be spent = $169.11

With the discount applied the adjusted price would be $135.29, before taxes and hanging rod.

After seeing the significant difference in price I thought maybe, JUST MAYBE I could convince my DH (dear husband) that getting these cabinents would be worth it.

Still, I went searching and searching and came upon a shelving aisle that offered a track system WITHOUT using those gross wire shelves.

Here’s the track:

And here’s what I could use instead of the gross wire shelves:

I came home and made a “sketch” of what I was thinking it could look like.  Side note: I am no artist and the items are so not to scale, so no making fun of me! I basically just wanted to put down on paper what I was thinking in my head.
green = track
brown = shelves
yellow = iron board
purple = utility plug-ins

But how do I get a hanging rod in between the track shelving? I couldn’t use one found in the photo above as it needs to attach to something on the sides. And those shelves are not made for that. Back to searching the internets (that’s what Paul and I call the internet/the world wide web).

I found this awesome DIY hanging rack on Pinterest.
Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

After looking at how she DIYed it and how she uses it, I realized that while it’s neat, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. A great DIY project in itself, though.

I googled “laundry room ideas” and checked out the images tab. I found a whole slew of images and ideas but only a few popped out at me.

The first one is this modern laundry room shelving. While my laundry room isn’t this big it definitely offered great ideas of how to place my shelves in a different order than what I was thinking above. I also liked that it incorporated a hanging bar.

However, I just can’t get over the wire shelving.

Then I found this Martha Stewart one. It was great in that it was a hanging rod with board shelves rather than wire shelves.

The only problem I had with this idea is that the rod/rack is actually a bath towel holder mounted on the underside of a shelf. I didn’t feel confident that it could hold the amount of weight that I may have to put on there. Uniforms are so, so heavy!!

Then I saw this one!! It was the perfect idea!  *Sorry it’s so small.  It’s the only size I was able to get.

Place a hanging rod that goes from one side to the other and just under the shelf giving a way to “hide” the not pretty storage area with a small curtain! Genius!!

After finding this inspiration I made another drawing.

Still not an artist.

Still not to scale.

Still, please, no making fun. =/

I tried my best.

All the colors are of the same code as above with the exception
light blue = hanging rod
orange/red = empty hangers (in my drawing they’re orange but as I’m looking at them on my screen they look red)

Now that I have this rough draft, all I need to do is to go back to Home Depot to price out the units that I’ll be needing and get exact measurements in the laundry room as well as the shelves themselves. Just to make sure that my idea can become reality and that once I get started I won’t find that one of the shelves are going to cover something.

On top of that, my DH has requested that I buy some graph paper and draw, to scale, my plan.

Off to Home Depot and Office Depot I go!!

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2 thoughts on “Laundry Room Ideas…continued, x2

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  2. At my local Habitat for Humanity restore, I can find the vertical tracks like these for dirt cheap. Sometimes I get lucky and find some brackets there too. But then I usually can find the material for the shelves in their restore too and just cut it to size. My only problem is that I buy the materials and keep putting off hanging them. I think I am afraid to make holes in the walls, and miss studs. I have the darndest time using a studfinder.

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