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blinds up!

I was looking through my posts the other day and ran across this one I wrote a long while back. And then I was looking at my photobucket account to see what photos I’d uploaded that hadn’t written about yet and came across these photos. And since I said that I’d be sharing another story about our blinds, but then never did, I thought that I’d make good on that now.

We have a window that sits right above our sink and when we moved in there weren’t any curtains or blinds to cover it. It was a bit creepy knowing that there could be someone in our backyard looking in and we wouldn’t even know it. So when we heard about an online sale that HD was having on blinds, we jumped on the sale and made sure we counted one for the kitchen window.

When they arrived a few weeks later I was a little hesitant at putting them up as I’d never done anything like that before. So I thought that I would start with the mini blinds that were up in the living room. Here’s what we had when we moved in.

See, with the living room mini blinds, all I did was remove the mini blinds and then just hung the new ones with the pre-drilled holes. So for the kitchen window, since it didn’t already have pre-drilled holes, I was scared that I would mess up and do it wrong. But once I replaced the living room ones, I felt a bit more confident about hanging the kitchen one.

Here is what the new blinds look like all hung in the kitchen window.

And a closer view.

When we looked into purchasing the blinds, we noticed that there was only one size in length. Unfortunately, for our kitchen window the length was too long to ignore and hide under itself. (I forgot to take a picture before I started working on it so I just placed the slats back so you can see what it looked like.)

In order for me to shorten the length, I had to remove the bottom piece and then cut the strings to remove the slats. Once I got that taken care of, I re-strung the strings through the bottom piece and attached the cap to make sure that the strings stay put.

This is what I ended up with.

And it looks so much better!! Here’s a close-up.

Once I finished that one, I got enough confidence to complete the rest of them. And now I don’t have that creepy feeling anymore. I can close the blinds whenever I want to make sure that no one can see me when I can’t see them.

And that’s how we do it!! =)

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