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It’s Friday, Friday!  Linking up my weekly cell phone photos.

I’ve been working early in the mornings for the last two weeks. Last Friday the sky was this pretty blue. This picture just doesn’t do it any justice but I thought I’d share it with you anyways. =)

Paul’s squardron had a First Friday (hails and farewells) last week. There was a pinata for the kids too. It was all fun and games until I found out that the kids were to just pull on streamers until the candy came out instead of getting to hit it. =(

While shopping at Sams’s Club I found these little snack packs of fresh mozzarella. They’re so cute and so good!

It was pouring rain on Saturday but I braved it and got us some Chipotle for lunch. mmm…chipotle!!!!

We didn’t realize that we were supposed to clean out our gutters about a month ago and so all the debris went and got stuck in the downspout. After we clean them out, we’re going to install these filters.

Paul is enjoying his last pistachio cupcake…with some cool whip. =)

Homemade pepperoni pizza for Paul. And homemade tomato basil pizza for me.

My AWESOME DH installing our new rock edgers. Love.Him.To.Pieces!

One evening while on the roof, I looked over and saw the neighborhood kids playing “makeshift” baseball. Oh, I can’t wait for the summer when they’ll be out there playing. <3

You can’t really tell here, but it was raining and sunny at the same time.

Pineapple mint. Planting TBA. =)

A mama, a papa, and four baby geese.

A beautiful day after some crazy thunderstorming.

If only they came in adult sizes…I would totally buy them and wear them!! Every single time it rains!!

Our Target is updating it’s look inside and I saw these on one of the new shelving units. I am IN LOVE with yellow!! And all the detailing on the sink accessories. I even calculated it all up to see if it I could purchase it for our guest bathroom. I think I’ll wait for it to go on sale. =)

On Thursday I mowed a/the/our lawn for the first time ever!! I’m so proud of myself! AND I love my DH so much more since he’s always the one who does it.

Hope you weren’t too bored with all my pictures. There sure was a lot this time. We had a great week full of garden/landscaping projects.

Until next week…

Happy Friday!!

and Thanks for reading!!

(all photos have been edited through the pixlr-o-matic android app except the last three photos)

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2 thoughts on “Instafriday

  1. Our target is updating, too! like, completely renovating the store! those do look like cute accessories!!!

    love the pizza. what recipe do you use for the crust?

    • hi anna! thanks for stopping by!! oouuu…i hope your target finishes it’s updates soon so you can enjoy it!!! =)

      i’d never heard of the pioneer woman until my cousin bought me her cookbook a couple of years back. i’ve only made a few recipes from it but her pizza crust is one that i’ve made many times over. it’s so simple and easy. here is a link to a pizza recipe which also shows you how to make the crust. i just love the way she has step-by-step photos. i’d love to see photos if you decide to make it. =) i just basically use her crust and then throw on whatever toppings i (or my dh) likes. hope you enjoy!! =)

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