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Pinspiration – numero cinco

A friend of ours is deployed in Afghanistan. And I was planning on sending him a care package. His only request was good ‘ol american food.

I wanted to send him something homemade but didn’t know if it would last the trip out there.

I was looking around Pinterest (big surprise!) and this caught my eye!

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest.

So I bought me some mason jars (which worked out perfectly for this pinspiration project) and whipped out my red velvet cake recipe.

Since this was going to an Air Force guy, I thought it’d be neat to make them blue instead of red.

I forgot to take pictures of how I sanitized the jars, but basically I just boiled them as the instructions instructed me to. I also forgot to take pictures while I was mixing the cake mix. Oops!

So we’ll pick up where I did start taking pictures. I filled the jars half way and placed them in the oven.

Here’s a close-up of one of the jars.

About 10 minutes before the buzzer went off, I boiled the lids as instructed. After about 40 minutes the cakes were done baking.  Unfortunately, I didn’t fill them high enough so they didn’t bake all the way around the sides.  That’s why they look weird.  At least they do to me.

I quickly placed the sanitized lids atop the jars, before they had a chance to cool down, and screwed them tight.

Once I put the lids on I started popping the middle bump wondering how it was going seal.

But then about ten minutes later I checked on them, to make sure that it the seal was actually sealed.

I was so estatic that the lids had sealed! I did it! It was really fun to make too!

Our friend in Afghanistan received the cakes-in-a-jar and said they tasted delicious! So I would rate this a success. Don’t you think?! =)

Thanks for reading!!


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3 thoughts on “Pinspiration – numero cinco

  1. Thanks for sharing my Fifty-Two Cakes link. :) I’m so glad your soldier received them well! My husband is home safe and sound finally, but he and the rest of his buddies really enjoyed getting fresh cake about once a month from me. You’re a good friend!

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