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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Band aid.


This morning while chopping up some lettuce I accidentally cut my thumb.  I cleaned it up and went to get a band aid.  It was so strange that they were all blue.

But it actually worked out perfectly since this weeks challenge is Blue.  I was thinking of taking a picture of the sky or my car or a dasani water bottle but thought the blue band aid was more unique.

Hope you’re all having a great start of a new week!

(edited with instagram)

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

  1. How serendipitous (in a strange kind of way)

  2. Funny, I can absolutely see why it made the cut. :)

  3. Poor you…I have had a funny week with injuries…first I burnt my left hand then a got a dog bite on the other so i know about bandages…but I wish they had been blue

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