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Linking up my weekly cell phone photos!

I got this adorable hat from GroopDealz and the petal pusher from The Pleated Poppy.  My first time wearing it and I’m in love!!

Had a lunch date and then a meeting with my favorite guy.  Love.  <3

Went to the eye doctor and saw these Roxy glasses.  I ended up going with a pair from Sam’s Club that have Transitions lenses.

While at the Drs office I saw this Highlights magazine and it reminded me of when I used to get them in the mail.  And, yes!, I did look for all the hidden pictures and I did find them all!!!   It must be the kid in me!!!  =)

If your car is broke down, don’t fret!!  Just take the tractor!!

Lunch of champions!!  Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno chips and chicken noodle soup.  mmmm…

I accidentally cut my thumb and got this band aid from the first aid kit.  It was strange that the band aid was blue but it worked out great for my weekly photo challenge which you can see here.

The rain had been overflowing in our gutters.  We tried to clean them out but it still was overflowing.  So we took down this one and replaced it with a new one.  This picture helped me know what pieces I needed at Home Depot.

My new favorite breakfast food.  Chobani greek yogurt and Honey Bunches of Oats Just Bunches.  mmm….!!!

Saw these whale studs at a store in the mall.  They’re so cute!!  I really want to get them but I decided to hold off for now.

Isn’t this camera so cute?!?!!?!  I just love it!  Since I didn’t want to spend the money this picture will just have to do.

I had some Key Spouse training Thursday night.  It’s the beginning of a new…life.  Haha.

Other things going on this week:
We stayed in and watched the third season and part of the fourth season of Chuck. That’s about it. We’re pretty boring here. =)

Hope your week was great. Happy Friday!!

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