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Linking up my cell phone photos for the week!

I’m late this week! I feel asleep early on Thursday and then didn’t get a chance to write it up until today.

So here goes………..

Haven’t had one of these in a loooooong while. They remind me of MKHS. Oh, to be in high school again……

Saw this neat reflection of paul on my laptop and thought it’d be a cool shot.

On the way down to Louisville, Crissi and I saw this train going by.

When we got to Louisville we went ziplining in the caverns. It was lots of fun!

On the way back home, we stopped at Whole Foods. Oh, the goodies you can find there!

A friend made these SUPER cute apple coasters for me.

And as you can see, they work great! I love them!

I got some new glasses with Transitions lenses. They’re similar to my old ones but with wider arms.

Razzles! Always reminds me of 13 Going on 30! As my cousin says, “What color’s my tongue, Matty?”

I thought these were pretty funny. And the only way I’ll eat a sunny side up fried egg. =)

While at Target I saw the Hulk coming out of the ceiling and thought of Paul.

I saw this cute paul frank shirt at Target and wanted to share with you.

We celebrated a friends’ birthday this week which gave us a nice break from the norm. Happy birthday, Spady!

Netflix is now playing Dawson’s Creek! Oh….yeah!

Thanks for reading!

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