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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

I found this little spot last week when I went to a UPS distribution center to pick up a package for Paul.  I think I’ll be going back for a bike ride.

And I saw this old skool Taco Bell.  How is it that time has gone by so quickly that I’ve gotten old enough to the point that I can say, “remember back when”??

Had some skype time with Jasmine!!!

Went to see Wicked last weekend and got all dolled up.  I even brought my Kate Spade purse!!!


We got there about thirty minutes before the show started.  Here’s what the stage looks like before the production started.  It was great!!!  I would watch it again..for the third time!!!

On Sunday, I finally changed out the faucets in our master bathroom.  Well, I only changed mine, but it got done!!  Here’s a before and after shot.

Here is Paul’s luggage.  =(

We skyped with BRO-m and SIL-s and their house guest, pablo.

Saw this on Pinterest and it reminded me of my tall friend.  Last year when we left Alabama, I gave her a hug and her boobs hit my face.  lol!

Here we’re setting up his clothes, and whatnots, to start packing.  =(

Here is everything all packed up and ready to go.  =…(

I got to skype with Paul this morning. love.

Then I went to five guys for lunch.

I got to skype with a friend from Kuwait whom I met in 2010.

What did you do this week?

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