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Are you ready to be floor-ed?

Because I just tricked ya!

You thought you were getting the big reveal this time ’round but instead I have a surprise for ya. =)

Well, not really a surprise, but more of a “I forgot about this and was so proud of it that I just had to share it with you”.

As you can see in this photo, the flooring is of vinyl material.  And you can’t really tell here but in the four squares in the top left corner, there is a bubble in the vinyl.

While we were moving the washer back into its place the foot of the washer caught the bubble and tore a hole in the flooring. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the tear.

I went to Home Depot to price out some replacement flooring. I looked into replacing it with vinyl but decided against it when I found this resilient tile flooring by Allure.  I liked all that it had to offer, which you can see in the photo below.

When I went to talk to someone about the flooring, to get a better understanding of it, I found out about Allure Ultrra Plank flooring.  It basically has all the same factors except that it is in plank form and is waterproof. WATERPROOF!! That means if there happens to be some flooding there won’t be any bubbling!!

Here’s Paul removing the vinyl flooring. It was a bit harder than I thought it would be because of all the glue that was used.

Paul removed the baseboards and I got started on the allure ultra resilient plank flooring. It’s a click and lock installation with no glue required. My kind of project. This is the size of one plank. As you can tell, it is not long enough to fit the full length of the wall.

I had to measure and cut each plank down to size so that it would fit. You can see my tools here: box cutter, yard stick, and pencil.

Here’s a close up of the click and lock mechanism.

I’m almost finished here. Cutting each piece was a bit harder than I imagined it would be. I didn’t realize how thick each plank was going to be. I had to make several slices in the plank, on both the top and bottom, and then kinda seasaw it until it “broke” apart.

All finished!!

A close up of the doorway showing the gap that I need to fill.

After Paul put the baseboards back up I went to fill them with the DAP that I had from our faucet redo.

When Paul was removing the baseboards, some of the drywall came out with it. Some DAP took care of that! (Can ya’ll tell that DAP is slowly becoming my new best friend?)

And now, the floor is completely finished and installed!!

Here’s a close-up-ish of the new floors, DAP and baseboard.

And, of course, a close up of the floor itself, in all its glory!

And just one last picture of what we had to endure for a few more days to get the flooring installed.

There is our new floor which we I love!

Have you had to install flooring? How did you decide which type you wanted? Was it an “emergency” to get it done or did you take your time? Even though we didn’t have to get it done as quickly as we did, I’m glad that we did some research and ended up going with the water proof planks. =)

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