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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

Last Friday was National Flip Flop Day. Even though I call them slippers, I still had to celebrate since they are my favorite type of footwear.

While watching the Spady boys, the youngest one fell asleep in the swing. So sweet!!!

This was a bag Hallmark was selling and thought it appropriate for Father’s day as well as my DH.

Sunday was a Back to the Future marathon for me. Thanks to my in-laws I own all three movies in Blu-ray. “Nobody calls me chicken!!”

The owner of this car LOVES Mickey Mouse!

Here’s a close up of the license plate holder.

And you most definitely can’t forget the tow hitch cover!!!

I finally got my new wallet! It’s so super cute and it’s everything I was looking for!!! And it’s yellow!!!!!!!

It’s been pretty hot here this past week and my garage is even hotter! Am so glad that it hasn’t gotten that hot here, yet, if it does. One of many things I DON’T miss about Alabama!!!!

I was craving something sweet so I decided to make some chocolate milk, Paul style. What’s Paul’s style? Well, it’s chocolate milk with some whip cream mixed into it.

I came home today and saw this lilly blooming in my front yard. So happy for perennials! Bloom where you’re planted.

Got tired of eating in this week so I stopped by Steak’n’Shake for some onion rings and a steakburger. mmmm…..

What did you do this week??

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