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Chicago 2012

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to Chicago to visit the city and some family.

It was going to be a super hot day (and you all know that I HATE my hair in my face and on my neck) so I threw it up in a bun and added a Pleated Poppy posy pin. I wasn’t sure how it would work since there are always those pesky little, fine baby hairs. But it worked out great! And I found my favorite new hairstyle.

On our way into the city, we took some pictures of the skyline. I believe that middle building is the Sears Willis Tower.

We arrived at our destination and had some catching up time with Becky, Paul’s cousin. After her husband, Dale, came home we went for a walk to grab some grub and check out the sights.

Our first order of business was food. We ate at Giordanos Famous Chicago Style Pizza. It was really good. We ordered half pepperoni and half canadian bacon and pineapple. Mi-T tasty!!!

Then we continued our tour North to Wrigley Field. W.O.W! Wrigley Field. Even though we didn’t get to go inside it still was very neat getting to walk around the famous Wrigley Field. Just so we have proof, here is a picture of us in front of the marquee. Oh, and Mazel Tov to Joey Spathis!

Becky and Dale took us to this hole in the building where people can stand on the sidewalk and watch the game for free. The clear spot in this picture is home plate.

And if you turn around, you see these apartment buildings that have stands on their roofs. The city turned these rooftops into seating for the game. What a neat idea!!

Here’s another shot of the rooftop seating. If I lived in Chicago, I would totally buy tickets to watch a game from this view at least once.

Then as we headed back down we stopped at a comedy club and watched an improv show. I’d never been to an improv show and thought it was the same as stand-up comedy. Boy, was I wrong. It was very funny and I would totally go again!

After the show, we walked back to Becky and Dale’s place and went to bed. Saturday was going to be a long day and we needed to get our rest. So which concludes this part of our adventures in Chicago.

Our Saturday adventures will soon be coming. Until then, Happy Monday!

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