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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

I made some green cake last week.  mmmm..I love green cake.

Then a friend asked what green cake is so I took a picture of the inside.  mmm…

I went to Target and saw these in the dollar section.  I don’t really know what they are I just loved the colors.  They look darker here than in person but still, WOW!

The whole reason I went to Target was to check out the new grocery section.  And it. is. AWESOME!!  I think I’ll be coming to Target a whole lot more now.  oh yea!!!

A friend invited me to go see a Cincinnati Reds game and on Tuesday we drove down to the Great American Ballpark.  We were high up in the nosebleeds, but it was a great view.  It was pretty fun going with my friend and her son since this was their first major league baseball game.   It never dawned on me that not everybody has gotten a chance to go to a MLB game.  I am thankful to have grown up in Los Angeles where we have the Dodgers to go see play ball.

However, Dodger stadium doesn’t have a river along the outfield.  It is!

At the end of the game…..see you in LA!!

While we were walking around looking for our seats, we happened upon this little stand.  I didn’t really look at the menu so I don’t know what they served or how much they charged, but it was kinda neat seeing the Food Network at a MLB stadium.

Thursday was a record-breaking day in weather.  I took this picture at 3:55 pm.  Crazy!!  Here’s an article that someone posted onto my facebook page about our record breaking weather.

What did you do this week?

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One thought on “Instafriday

  1. Matthew on said:

    I’m glad you got to see the REDS play in their home park. Maybe someday I’ll come out during baseball season when it’s not 100+ and catch a REDS game with you.

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