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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

Last Friday I left for work and saw my neighbor’s house like this.  The sign on the garage, if you can see it, says “Swim fast Jaret”.  The swim team teepeed my neighbors house in the middle of the night.  haha.

I decided to finally get something done around the house, other than washing dishes.  So I went to Home Depot to buy some paint and started painting the stairwell and upstairs hallway.  I learned a trick from Pinterest to help with the clean-up; just place some foil down in the tray and once the paint has been used roll it off the tray and throw it away.  Nice.  Simple.  Easy.

Here is a shot of the side I worked on last weekend.  This weekend I’ll be working on the other side.  The new color is the one on top, the darker one.

On the way home from Home Depot I passed this corn field and wanted to take a picture of it for ya’ll.

We’ve been needing rain around here and this week we got some.  It was great.  It made the air all gross and humid but it was nice to finally get some rain.  I do love it when it rains.

I made this veggie-ish wrap myself!  It’s got lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, bacon, extra alfalfa sprouts, pepper jack cheese, and avocado.  It was quite tasty and very filling.  I think next time I’ll just stick with a regular portion of spouts.  It filled me up pretty quickly.

I was looking around etsy and found this super cute print and thought of my sil-S.  Here’s a link to this print.

A very thoughtful friend bought this book for me.  I am super excited to start reading it and learning all that it has to offer.  Thank you, Goofo!!

Remember from last week when I showed you how I made steak for the first time in my life?  Well, I decided to try again.  And it turned out delicious!  Thanks, bro-M for all the help!!  Tasty tasty!

Flipping through the index of the book shown above, I found this recipe.  It looked pretty easy so I decided to make it for dinner.  The only problem was that I had to get some soy sauce.  So I headed to Target and got some…low sodium of course.

It rained again towards the end of the week.  The water came out so quickly it pushed the catcher away and started a puddle.

And here is the dish of the recipe shown above.  L-R: plated, fresh spinach wilting, quinoa, onion and red pepper flakes sauteing, and scrambled egg (well, the bottom right picture is supposed to be scrambled egg but it came out blurry and it was the only picture I had).

On Thursday evening, my neighbor-A and I started weight training with her husband, neighbor-M.  This poster is hanging in their “gym” and I thought I’d take a picture.  I am motiviated to “unleash my inner gorilla”…so watch out!!  haha.

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