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Laundry Room, REVEALED! {finally}

Have I put it off long enough?

Have you forgotten all about this project?

Well, I’m back.  To let you know. How it all turned out.

Let’s start with some before pictures. That way you don’t have to go searching for the first post, waaaaaay back when. =)

Here is a picture of the nasty wire shelf and the white walls.
And the builder grade light fixture.

And now onto…The Grand Finale.

Here it is in all its glory!

And as you can see, I went with the red baskets.  I have been on a yellow and red kick lately.  So very asian of me!!  haha.

A more close up view of the shelves and the hanging bar.

Moving the ironing board and iron into the nook made for some space in front of the washer.  It also made it a bit easier to open and close the door since we didn’t have to be as cautious.

Here is the sign that I found just a few months before we left Alabama.  I thought it stated perfectly how I feel about laundry.  How do you feel about laundry?

I am loving these totes!  They provide extra storage for things not even remotely related to laundry (as you can see below).  I found these cute chalkboard clips on GroopDealz.  They are the perfect way to help me remember what is in each tote.

And just because I like them (and I know you do too!), a close up of one of the totes and a chalkboard clip.  This one is empty since I’m still sorting and organizing and, basically, just being lazy.  ;p

One last shot of the the whole nook, with the light on.

And that will do for our laundry nook. I am so happy with the new layout. It offers much more storage space and now I don’t have to hang our clothes in bedroom doorways to dry. It also works out so great that I no longer have to get on my tippy toes to reach for the detergent. I simply just reach out and grab it. Ohhhhhh, yeahhhh!

Wanna check out the progress of the laundry room? You can start here at the establishing post, the ideas post, the researching post, the planning post, and end here at the construction post.


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4 thoughts on “Laundry Room, REVEALED! {finally}

  1. Matthew on said:

    LooKs great! What a big difference from where you started to where it is now. Congrats on a successful project.

  2. very nice, bebe… can’t wait to see it soon!

  3. I mean I can see it in your pictures, but I meant in person! LOL

  4. aw, i love the red baskets now!! :) and of course, the yellow. nice job!

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