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Longaberger’s “Make-a-Basket”

I first learned about Longaberger back in 2000 (or so) when my sil-S had a party for her friend who was a consultant.  I really liked all their products but didn’t have the money to purchase anything.  (But since I’m spoiled, my mom paid for a few baskets that I’d wanted so I do own a few.

They were on my mind for a few months after but since then I had forgotten about them.  When we moved to Alabama, I met someone who was a consultant and was reminded of how much I liked them.

And now that we’re in Ohio, where Longaberger originated, it was time to visit the factory.

With my mom being in town, we decided that that was one of the first things we wanted to do.  So on Saturday morning we jumped in the car and headed out to the Longaberger Home Office and Homestead.

Here is a the Home Office.  Yup!  It really is designed to look like a basket.  Pretty neat, huh!

We took a few pictures of with the basket building and then went on our merry way to the Homestead.  Ate some lunch at Miller’s Homestead Restaurant and then went on to make our own baskets.

We both decided to make the Chore Basket.

Here I am weaving the pieces.

And a close-up for ya!

After a few layers down we take these tools and “tap-tap” them down to tighten it.

I’m done with the weaving here and am now “trimming the hair”.

I’m pretty much finished here.  I got to choose tack jackets and I’m tapping them into the trim.

Here is my basketweaver helper, Cindy.  She was very helpful and very encouraging.  She’s been with the company for 19 years.

Here is my mom and her basketweaver helper, Andrew.  He’s funny.  And some more tidbits for ya….he’s been with the company for 18 years – 10 years on the production line and then 11 as a basketweaver helper and his favorite baseball team is the Clevland Indians.

Here is a picture of the horse that is used to make the baskets.

Here is my finished product.  I had a difficult time choosing which colors to have in my basket.  At first I was going to go with yellow and red but when I put them together it reminded me too much of USC (not that I have anything against USC).  I was contemplating using our wedding colors – light pink and royal blue – but I knew that I wanted yellow.  So I went with pink and yellow.

I chose pineapples and a star for this side.

And flags and a star on this side.

Here is mom’s finished product.  She chose these cute little flowers for both sides.  These colors were her’s and my dad’s wedding colors.

We had a great time making the baskets and even decided to go back on Tuesday to make some more.  They have a special on Tuesdays called Terrific Tuesdays where it’s buy one get one for half off.  After making the baskets we headed over to the shop, called Longaberger at home, and did some shopping.  We put a dent in our wallets, but it was well worth it.  =)

Have you heard of Longaberger before?  If you have, when did you hear about it?  What do you think of it?  Do you own any pieces? If not, I urge you to check out their product.  And if you’re in Columbus, OH, take a trip out to the Home Office to see the big basket and the Homestead where you, too, can make your own basket.

Thanks for reading!  And Happy Monday!


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2 thoughts on “Longaberger’s “Make-a-Basket”

  1. I wanna make one too when I come over on a terrific Tuesday :) I like saving money too :)

  2. koohiiteasheri on said:

    oooh how fun!! i got to weave one strand in when they were at the Pomona fair one year. :) LOVE love love the building!

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