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Pinspiration – numero seis

Pistachio is my mom’s favorite ice cream flavor and I used to think it was so gross. But sometime last year my tastebuds changed and I have come to really enjoy the taste of pistachio. And we all know how I love cupcakes – eating them, baking them, giving them away.

So when I saw a recipe for pistachio cupcakes (SCORE!) I knew I had to try them. I gave you a sneak peak here.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Here are the ingredients.

As the ingredients were mixing, I thought it looked pretty.

And now, mixed even more.  Isn’t that such a pretty green color?

All mixed together.  Those dark spots are pieces of pistachio.  Mmm……I can taste them now.

All done baking!

Here’s a better picture of them.  They look more like this green than the yellow-green above.

And just another close-up for ya.  ‘Cause I LOVE close-ups!  And I know you do too!!

And now time for tasting!

Mmmm…so fluffy and tasty!  I could eat these!!

They are so super easy to make and so tasty to my tastebuds. You need to try them as soon as you can! The recipe also calls for some frosting but I haven’t put any on because the cupcake is sweet enough for me…and those whom I have given them to.

Now it’s your turn to try them. Go! Get the ingredients and try it. Make extra to give away too. Trust me, whoever you give them to they’re going to LOVE them! And then come back here to tell me your experience and how your tastebuds enjoyed them! =)


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