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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

Oops…I missed last week.

So you is gonna get a double dose this week!

Got some love in the mail from my Goofo.

I got to skype with a friend in Turkey!

After a few days of clouds and rain it was nice to see a beautiful blue sky with just a few puffs of clouds.

Got some love from my love.

Salmon Wednesdays, but occured on a Thursday, came back this week. Yum!

I finally mowed the grass…after a month of putting it off. I even broke out the edger and cleaned the edges along the sidewalk.

Got some food love from my co-worker this week. Yay for bulgogi! And like my mom said….all I ate was the rice and beef. Yuck to the mushrooms, onions, and peas!

I finally took the camry for a car wash. It was getting pretty nasty with bird poop and dried rain spots. It was my first time at this car wash and didn’t expect to sit in the car while it was being washed. But that just means that you get to see what the car sees.

That’s what went on in the last two weeks for me. What about you?

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