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pinspiration – numero nueve

when we have people over for dinner we usually end with something sweet.

our “go-to” dessert has been brownies with vanilla ice cream. (but that may just change since i’ve been pinning things left and right on pinterest.)

anyways, i saw this pin a while back on making brownies from scratch. i usually just buy the ghirardelli dark chocolate box at the store so this was a first for me.

paul was asking for some brownies to be sent to him and his co-workers so i thought what better way to try these then on him? heehee. since i can’t eat them all before they go bad.

source: at tricia via pinterest

so here are the ingredients i mixed together and put into a baggie with the instructions written directly onto the bag.  (i made the mix a few days before actually making the baking.)  i also added about two cups of ghirardelli chocolate chips we bought at sams club. then mixed it altogether.

and here they are all baked up.

paul said that they tasted quite delicious.  just as good as the boxed one.

i even made a double batch the next time i made some for him.  looks like we have a winner here!  (and $3.00 saved for every time we’re feeling like brownies.)

winner! winner! chicken dinner!

edited with picmonkey


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