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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

and because i have been not posting instafriday’s at all. my last post, instafriday-catch up, was just a catch up. here are the pictures from this last week.


paul gave me one of my Christmas gifts early.  needless to say i’ve been playing with it ever since.  =)

we then went on a date that was five years in the making.  we first tried to go on our second anniversary and then again on our fifth.  we both had a great time and agree that we would most definitely go again.  but only for the appetizer, cheese fondue, and/or the dessert fondue, chocolate fondue.  the main course was good but we both like to have our food cooked before it is placed in front of us. mmm….we even got all dressed up and i curled my hair.  (the flash on my phone is super bright; hence paul’s facial expression.)

wednesday morning we woke up to snow!  yay!

it snowed pretty much throughout the day.  the base even closed down.  i left for zumba in the evening and when i came back i got stuck.  luckily it was in our driveway and not somewhere else.  we ended up shoveling in the dark learning that we really should shovel as it snows.

i was able to give blood again and so i went in to the armed services blood program to donate.  their little tree was so cute with vials as ornaments.

this marks #4 of 8 at the wpasbp.  i even hit a personal record of donating a pint in three minutes and thirty-three seconds.  3:33!  ahhh!!!

it was an exciting week here at our house. paul came home, just in time for Christmas. we celebrated Jesus’ birth, with presents for each other. it snowed about six inches, and we shoveled for the first time in our lives. we have lots to be thankful for. what about you? what did you do for Christmas? how did you celebrate? did it snow where you live?

edited with instagram


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