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december photo challenge

I had tried taking part in White Peach Blog’s photo challenge during the months of September and October but I never could finish the whole month. I’d either get stuck on a word or just simply forget.

But it was a different story for the month of December.

Rather than post all the photos one by one and make this post suuuuuuperrrrr looooonnnngg I made some collages of the photos.

all photos are listed L to R, top to bottom.

      1. Merry – My zumba instructor is always so energetic.
      2. Red + Green – I think this is my favorite picture of this challenge. It is some bell ornaments I found at Target a few years ago in my quart size mason jar with white lights surrounding it.
      3. Rosy – Santa’s rosy cheeks on this year’s Christmas forever stamps.
      4. Candlelit – My favorite PartyLite Christmas scent in my favorite PartyLite lantern.


      5. On the door – a small Longaberger Christmas basket.
      6. Candy cane – the candy cane aisle at Target.
      7. Twinkle – lights on our Christmas tree.
      8. Deck the Halls – our Christmas mantle.


      9. Elfish – an ornament that could double as an elf’s ice skates.
      10. Love – I debated whether or not to use this photo but I wanted to show how much Snoopy has been loved.
      11. Wrapped – our presents wrapped.
      12. Stockings – the stockings are hung.


      13. Joy – our wrapping paper says JOY.
      14. Silver + Gold – twine from
      15. Ornament – i couldn’t decide which of my ornaments was my favorite and i had just seen this one on pinterest. one of these days i will make it to hang on our tree.
      16. Giving – some gifts wrapped up and ready to be shipped out.


      17. Carols – A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack contains my favorite Christmas carols.
      18. Bow – eeyore is missing the bow he was holding but still has the one above his head.
      19. Naughty List – i found this at Kohl’s a few years ago and use it for our Christmas tree topper. it says, “Save Santa a trip. Be naughty.”
      20. Cookies – all the cookies that we received had been eaten so i took a picture of this cookie ornament.


      21. Must be Santa – a santa head pin that paul made at the Montgomery Zoo christmas lights festival in 2008.
      22. Under the tree – our tree skirt.
      23. Reindeer – a starbucks bearista dressed in a reindeer suit circa 2003.
      24. O’Holy night – Precious Moments nativity snow globe that plays O’Holy Night.


      25. Merry Christmas! – paul bought me several great gifts this year and let me open them before christmas. this is the one that i got to open on christmas day. and he wrapped it up all by himself. nice and neat too.
      26. Warm + Cozy – watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 on full bellys and under blankets.
      27. Snow – the snow was so beautiful!! So happy that it snowed the day before.
      28. Blessings – my two nephews are such a blessing to our family.


      29. Lit – the lights on our mantle are lit up.
      30. Peace – the doves and earth at the chicago o’hare airport.
      31. Good cheer – an empty drink and heels means good cheer on new year’s eve.

I’m so glad that i was able to stick it out this month and take picures for every single challenge. I had fun even though it was quite challenging at times.

I looked up the list for january but found that white peach photo is not going to be making her own lists this year. She has decided to follow along with Project Life 365. And so have i.

Here’s to 2013 and all that it has to offer.

all photos edited with instagram

all photo collages edited with picmonkey


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