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life rearranged

Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

look at me! two instafriday posts in a row! go me! haha. lol.

i’d been seeing pancakes all over pinterest.  i was craving them so i made some.  and boy were they delicious!  i even had them for lunch on sunday!

{sneak peek} prepping for dinner….

{sneak peek} instead of pancakes i decided to make something else for breakfast the next day.

{sneak peek} dinner…thanks to pinterest!

this saturday is a zumbathon.  we’re raising money for safe harbor house.

{sneak peek} one of the most juiciest chickens, thanks to the marinade, i’ve ever made.  yum!!

i know there are tons of sneak peeks in here which means that you’ll see more about it in the coming weeks. and since i haven’t been really good at posting you’re probably thinking that you’ll never see them. but i promise that you will! (because i’ve already written them!) so stay tuned!!

what did your week look like?

edited with instagram


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