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(accidental) best soap scum remover

so i found a few different ways to clean soap scum {homemade style} on, what else, but pinterest.  i’d tried the vinegar/dawn dish soap combo and it worked but not that great. so i went back to pinterest and looked around. all i could find was the vinegar/dawn dish soap combo.

somewhere along the way i read that baking soda with white vinegar would work.

so i bought some baking soda and white vinegar.

here is what our shower base looks like.  looks disgusting.  i’m not great at cleaning so this is a year’s worth of soap scum.

i sprinkled some baking soda all around and then poured white vinegar on top.

according to the post that i read, if i let it sit for an hour or so all i’d have to do is scrub it away.  but after an hour and half i took the scrubber i had and started scrubbing.  but it didn’t work.  i realized that i’d needed a rougher bristle to scrub.

so i rinsed it all away and a few days later i tried again.  here is the second go around of baking soda and white vinegar.

you can see here that i started scrubbing at the bottom before i took the picture.

it took a total of a half hour to scrub all the soap scum off.

all clean.

a before…(so you don’t have to scroll all the back up to the top)

and after…

i was so excited to show you but wanted to give credit due so i went back to pinterest and looked for the post that told me about the baking soda and vinegar. but i couldn’t find it anywhere! every pin that i pinned said to use vinegar and dawn dish soap. the only pin that i could find that talked about using baking soda and white vinegar was to for cleaning drains. so i guess i have a super clean drain now too.

even though i didn’t use the pinterest combo for soap scum i ended up finding an even better homemade soap scum remover. a chemical free one too.


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One thought on “(accidental) best soap scum remover

  1. The photo you see here is sebum. To understand how to remove soap scum, scale and sebum and want to purchase are ready to use product, consider shower cleaner. This product leads the industry in dissolving soap scum, scale and sebum. The problem cleaning chemicals encounter is three fold, the cleaner must remove/dissolve sebum, the waxy oils our bodies produce. Sebum is typically the black stains on the floor of the shower. The other problem is opposite pH requirements for soap scum and scale. Soap scum requires a high pH product and scale requires a low pH product. BioWorx has figured out how to remove soap scum, scale and sebum with one product. Soap scum melts like butter in seconds.

    Warning for those with natural stone tiles like granite, marble, terrazzo, limestone etc. Vinegar (acetic acid) can damage those surfaces because it has a low pH and dissolves calcium carbonate found in stone products.

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