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Pinspiration – numero trece

i’ve been pretty lazy about cooking homemade meals and poor paul has been putting up with it for far too long.  so i went to my handy dandy source of new and exciting recipes for me to try.  yup, pinterest!

i’ve been wanting to expand my cooking horizons and this recipe did just that.  well so did the cheesy broccoli orzo.

when i saw this picture i thought, “that looks simple and easy enough for me to try.  and i do love me some breaded chicken and pasta!”
source: via tricia on pinterest

here’s my set up.  got my recipe up on my samsung galaxy note 10.1, my timer, and my home phone since mom-c called me.

here’s my dredging station all set up.

got my four pieces of chicken breaded and ready for frying.

this time i used a bigger pan so i could fit all of them in at the same time.

after removing the chicken, i poured lemon juice and chicken broth in to create a lemon sauce.

i love this shot of the dried pasta waiting to be cooked.

the breaded chicken all done and cooked.  funny thing here, i forgot to add the butter the recipe calls for so it was fried a little dry.  thankfully prior to frying these pieces i fried some other pieces with olive oil.  oops.  at least i had some sort of fat-ish liquid.

and..dinner is served.  another funny note here…i forgot to add butter and parm cheese to the pasta so it was a little dry.  oops.

oh well.  next time i make this i will make sure that i follow all the steps and add all the ingredients called for.  at least everything turned out good despite my not following all the directions.

this is definitely a keeper.  kinda messy to prep but worth it in the end.

edited with instagram


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