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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

i made some banana pancakes for lunch last week.  it was pretty good but i put one whole banana in my mixture and i think it was too much.  next time i’ll probably put in less and i’ll probably mash it up a little bit more.   we’ll see….

a {sneak peek} of a easter craft.

i saw a friend’s instafeed with this cup holder at target and thought what a great idea!  so i went to target (for other things as well) and decided to test it out.   i ordered my drink and then got a cart and didn’t see the holder so i was bummed.  i thought my target doesn’t have them.  but an associate had asked if i needed anything so i asked her about it and she was so awesome she went and got one for me.  i was stoaked!  but i ended up not being able to use it because my cup was too small. =(

i thought about getting this for my bro-m but didn’t think he’d use it since he’s all grown up now and uses pens.  haha.  plus, it is super big.

i was looking around for some things to buy for a friend who is deployed and found this candle.  for me.  i love the design.  and the scent.  however, i think it gives me headaches.  either that or i was dehydrated.

twine and washi tape!?!  yes, please!!!  just wrapping some wedding gifts…so excited!

on tuesday night/wednesday morning we were in for some snow.  thankfully it wasn’t too cold.

wednesday morning we found out that the base was closed so paul got to stay home with me.  when i finally woke up a few hours later this is what my backyard looked like.  so beautiful.  like a winter wonderland.

and then i looked out into the front of our house and saw the lamp post in narnia.  {please excuse the houses and such.}  =)

what did your week look like?

edited with instagram


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One thought on “instafriday

  1. Your snow is gorgeous! And that eraser is hilarious! Haha

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