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Pinspiration – numero catorce

paul and i used to go to this place called crepe in the grip.  it’s kind of a weird name but their food was pretty good.  we normally ordered a crepe with kiwi or strawberry and whip cream.  one time we got it with chow mein.  it was okay..very strange since i was so used to having crepes with something sweet.

that place has closed down since then.  we’ve had crepes at other places and they were just as delicious.  i’ve been thinking about making them myself but i never found a recipe.  well, let’s be honest, i never looked for one.  haha.

enter pinterest.  what else?  haha.  anyways, enter pinterest and a recipe for crepes.  i’ve been putting it off since i wasn’t too confident in myself but i thought i need to just get off my butt and try making it.
source: via tricia on pinterest

i finally decided to make them.  and i am so glad that i did.  here are the ingredients.

mixing the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.

made sure i used a 1/4 cup measuring spoon as per the recipe.

my first pour…..

sprinkled sugar onto the cooked side as per the recipe.  mmmmm…i can already taste it.

one that didn’t turn out right.  blech!

all cooked and ready to eat.

two for paul and two for me.  can you tell whose is whose?

paul enjoying his crepe with whip craem.

oh boy i am so glad that i decided to just get up and make it. it wasn’t too hard and i will definitely make these again. yum!

edited with instagram

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One thought on “Pinspiration – numero catorce

  1. sheri on said:

    mmmm…love crepes! a friend who loves to cook used a squeeze bottle for the dough and just squeezed it out in a spiral pattern, which makes it super easy! fun for make-your-own crepe night! :)

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