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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

paul requested chocolate chip cookies a LOOOOOONG, LOOOOOOOOOOOONG while back and i finally made some for him on valentine’s day.

i’m not a huge fan of chocolate chips in my cookies so i decided to make some without chocolate chips.  (i don’t know when this not liking chocolate chips in my cookies started because i used to LOVE chocolate chip cookies!)

it’s been almost a month since that first batch of cookies (of the year) and this one below is probably the fifth batch since…it’s gone chocolate chip, chocolate chip-less, chocolate chip, 80% chocolate chip/20% chip-less, chocolate chip-less.

and we’re done…for a while.

well, if paul has it his way more like a month.

it snowed a bit this week.  i didn’t think it was this much, though, so it was nice to look out and see the dusting.

woot. woot.  i love snow!

{sneak peek} t-shirt project!  turned out great!!

got my post-a-week 2012 photobook!  yay!

holy crap!  30 degrees feels like 19 degrees?!?!

had lunch with my favorite person yesterday so i used my flat iron to get my hair did…it’s been a while so it was nice to see my hair done.  (i’mverylazyandneverdomyhair.)

[ps. i know it’s only been two and half months but doesn’t my hair look long?]

and it took me about 15 tries before i finally got this shot.  how in the world do people take selfies?

as i was getting ready to wash the dishes, my phone dropped into sink where there was a 9×13 full of water.  it was only in there for about three seconds before i pulled it out.  i immediately wrapped it in a towel, shut it down, took out the battery, got a bowl of rice, and sunk it.  i just placed the cover on top to dry out the cover too.

under paul’s advice, i let it sit for about four hours before i took it out.

thank goodness too.  because when i put the battery back in and turned it on it worked!  yay!

earlier this week i had a skype sesh with eli and his momma.  here he is smiling and waving.  what a cutie! he turned a month old yesterday (the 14th-he’s a valentine’s baby!)

it was nice to catch up and see eli for the first time…live.  can’t wait to meet him in person!

that was my week.  how was your week?

edited with instagram


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