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Pinspiration – numero quince

hmmm…have you noticed a trend?  as i started writing this post i realized that the last few pinspiration’s i’ve had are all pasta and chicken. besides the crepes.  anyways, when i saw this on pinterest i thought it looked easy enough.

however, i omitted the peas.  and didn’t make it as spicy.  in fact i made it a third spicy and that was spicy enough for me.
source: via tricia on pinterest

started of by sauteing red pepper flakes, garlic, salt, and pepper.  then i added the sliced chicken and flipped them over after a few minutes.  then i poured in the marinara and alfredo sauce.

here’s what it looked like after mixing it up a little bit.

while i was cooking the pasta i let the sauce mix simmer.  then added the pasta and mixed it in with the sauce.

dinner is served!

and a close-up because i love close-ups.

mmm…this dish was quite delicious. after reading the comments on the blog i realized that i could substitute spinach for the peas. so the next time i make this i am definitely subbing spinach so we can have some greens. haha.

edited with instagram


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