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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

last friday we had shredded beef tacos for dinner.  and we can’t have tacos without beans.

i posted a picture of family photos that are on the wall as part of project life 365’s challenge and one of my cousins asked about a photo of her so i took this one just for her.  this was the absolute very last dance of my high school life.  a few on instagram talked about the theme and whatnot.  some thought it was the big kahuna others thought it was kokomo….i don’t remember what the theme was but i do remember that i had a great time.

and here are the tacos all fried up and ready for eating.

starting friday night we were getting warnings about the weather.  the reason i posted this was because it says that there was a possible snow accumulation of 5-10 inches.  what!?!  5-10 inches!!!

on saturday i went to target and got me a small caramel macchiato in my $1 reusable cup.  what better combo can you think of?

while digging for something in one of my cabinets i found this guy.  oh the memories i will always have with this phone.  it is the best phone ever!  and it still works!  except when i’m using it i have to sit still and not move or else the jack causes some static.  oh well.  still looks great and is now on display on my mantle.

and the snow accumulation begins!

turns out there wasn’t as much snow as it was predicted but it was still nice to have some.  i was talking with a friend earlier in the week and she wanted to see what the trees looked like with snow on them.   so i snapped this photo for her.  and that little smudge in the top left quadrant?  yup…that’s snow.


can’t wait to visit and spend time with this guy and his momma. what a cutie pie he is!

helped out with the key spouses to make these teal ribbons for sexual assault awareness month.

while tidying up i found these decor that i got from my sil-s.  flowers for rainbows.

my sil-c got this family rules sign for us for christmas.  and it just got delivered to us on thursday, 28 march.  loooooooooonnnnnggg story.  but it’s here and we love it!

edited with instagram


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