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Pinspiration – numero diecisiete

chicken piccata but creamy?  yes, please!

creamy grilled chicken piccata.  first you marinate the chicken overnight and then you grill it.  not pan fry it.
source: via tricia on pinterest

i got this neat garlic mincer from my mom and it was the first time i used it. and i liked it.

here’s the marinade.

and the chicken going into the fridge.

yum!  i love those grill marks!

after cooking the pasta i started on the creamy sauce.

the ingredients for the sauce.

all done and ready to eat!

and a close up!  do you see that red pasta?  looks weird, right?

but it is in fact very tasty.  and healthy!

the verdict on this recipe is not good. at least for me it is a no go. the sauce was way too lemony (the juice of two lemons – 6 Tbs!!). it made the cream curdle even after letting it warm and boil. and since i’m a texture eater the grainy-ness did not help since i was expecting a creamy sauce.

paul liked it. my sauce did not look like the one in the picture on the blog but since paul liked it, i’ll be making it for him.

once in a GREAAAAAAAAAAT while.

thankfully this recipe redeems itself with the awesome marinade. the amount of lemon (3 Tbs) is not too much and blends well with the other ingredients.

maybe when you try making this it’ll turn out better?

edited with instagram

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