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Linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

saturday morning I went to have some chinese breakfast with my grams and the parents.

I had seen this super cute shirt at Zoe Clothing Company and thought I’d share.

plus it’s something I need to remember.

then at the (1st) wedding (of the week) my grams gave me this super awesome tasting chinese candy that I haven’t had in YEARS! so good!!!

the happy couple, mr. and mrs. doty!

mah cousin-j and me all dolled up and ready to par-tay!

on monday we ventured to burbank and sat in on the ellen show. it was so much fun! lots of clapping, screaming, jumping…it was like I was working out! I didn’t make it on the telly but my mom and cousin-j did…even if it was for a few short seconds. =)

we saw jerry o’connell and brad paisley. we scored an elle decor mag and b-rad’s newest album.

later that night I saw this on a friends instafeed and tried my hand at it….don’t know when it ends but so far I haven’t won!

introducing my niece-r to disney’s gummi bears!

shared my mustache straws with her too….then was informed that they are lips. oops! my bad!

niece-r has this disney sticker book. she’s put most of the stickers in all the right places. but when I was there, she decided to put them on me. then she stepped back and admired her handiwork by saying, “awww…cuuueeeeette!”

I was almost ready (to party-for the 2nd wedding) when I took this shot. I still had to get my nails did and finish up the little touches.

the happy couple, mr. and mrs. alkouri!

it was another whirlwind week for me and I’m happy to be getting back to my home sweet home. but I did have a great time in cali.

what did you do this week?

edited with instagram

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