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linking up with Life Rearranged to give you a glimpse of my week, in cell phone photos.

we finally broke out the mower, first time this year, to mow down this long a$$ grass…and the rest of the yard too.

last year i planted a peony bush that looked dead from about october thru march. i was planning on digging it out when i got back from cali. but when i got back, it was alive and healthy! and sporting two buds! *sidenote: yes, i know peonies are perennials…i just thought mine was a goner bc i didn’t take care of it very well. you see, i have a black thumb.

paul cooked some homemade “ramen” for us and it was delicious!

while in cali, my cousin-j bought me this cute little piggy air freshener for my car.

saw this at target and it reminded me of the days long ago when i used to run to the snack bar while my brothers were playing ball. and inbetween my ball games.

last week i got my espresso maker but I didn’t get to use it until this week bc I didn’t have all i needed. but i finally got to use it. it’s so pretty! and tastes sooooooo good! beeteedub…i make caramel macch’s with my espresso machine, i don’t drink the espresso straight up.

step one of something freaking delicious!

that about sums up my week. what did you do this week?

edited with instagram

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