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be still

at the beginning of every class my zumba instructor reads scripture. i don’t always pay 100% attention and this was one of those times. i was standing there spacing out when i heard her say something about being still. she said, “being still is NOT when you’re standing still with your mind racing a thousand miles a hour. it is when your mind is still, and quiet, and listening for the Lord.”

“it is when we are still that He will fight for us.”

that was friday morning.

i didn’t think much of it. i just went about my day and my weekend.

then today, sunday, when i read jeanette’s blog (life rearranged) and saw this…

 photo fightbestill_zps4ac525b3.jpg

i was reminded of those words that my zumba instructor said and i realized that this must have been the scripture that she read.

and now my mind is racing.

trying to listen.

trying to be quiet.

trying to be still.

because i want the Lord to fight for me (and for you).

and i know He will!

just thought i’d share this with you since it was such a “coincidence” that i heard/read/saw it twice in one weekend.

happy sunday!


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