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t-shirt project

I’ve seen a few different ways to upcycle an old t-shirt on pinterest. I even tried once but never posted about it because I’m lazy. And I didn’t like how it turned out. (maybe I’ll post it after this.)

Anyways, here’s one that I did like. And that I didn’t find on pinterest.

Surprise! What is this world coming to? Haha. I crack myself up.

Okay. here’s what I did. I got a tank that I like the feel of and placed it on the shirt like so.

then I made a trace of where I thought I should cut.

after I’d cut the sleeves I realized that I needed to check the back. Why? I don’t know I just thought that I had to…haha.

Oh..i know. It was so that I could cut the back of the neck part.

turned it back around to “take in” the sides.

What are all those lines for you ask? It’s so that I could tie the things-haha-together to make knots.

When it was all finished I tried it on. It was a little more fitted that I would’ve liked but it worked.

and, as always, a few close-ups…


so there you have it. i think the next time i do this i won’t cut so close on the sides so that it won’t be too fitted. we’ll see. haha.

edited with instagram


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