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here’s to hoping we both have green thumbs…

lucky for me that one of us has a green thumb. and it’s not me.

i’ve tried several times to grow stuff but some how everything dies. i’ve tried basil, tomatoes, rosemary, and even mint!

i don’t know what’s gotten into me this year, but i have this crazy notion that what i plant this year will not die. it will not!

so i went to our local bern’s and picked up a tomato plant, strawberry plant, some mint, and a hydrangea bush.

the next morning i set up my note along with speakers to listen while i worked. oh, how i love technology!

then i got started on my planting.

(after planting the hydrangea and the strawberries i didn’t have enough soil for the tomato so that will have to be planted later.)

but here is my process for planting strawberries.
step 1: pour soil into new planter.
step 2: break apart strawberry plants and place them in new containers.
step 3: cover with extra soil the plant came in.
step 4: repeat until all plants have been replanted.

a few days later paul and i went again to pick up some more supplies and ended up buying some sweet basil and another type of mint.

paul had bought snap pea seeds, tomato seeds, and lime basil seeds a while ago. since the weather has been warming up it was about time we planted them. so we planted them along with the sweet basil and corsican mint that we bought.

and a little sneak peek of my hydrangea planting.

do you have a green thumb or are you like me and have a black thumb? did you have a fun-filled weekend full of planting things?

wish us luck that our plantings thrive…and that I don’t kill anything. =)

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