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bloom, blOOm, BLOOM!

happy mother’s day!

i told you guys about how i have a black thumb and that everything i touch ends up dying. but this year is different. haha…i’m hoping. becaaaause i perused my local bern’s garden center and found a beautiful hydrangea bush to brighten my days.

i gave you a little sneak peek a few days ago. but now i’m gonna tell you all about it!

first start by using this garden weasel 3 in 1 corkscrew action tiller pro to help break up the dirt (read: clay) that is currently in my garden bed. hint: thing works WONDERS!

it even helped loosen this old “stump” (root?).

after about five minutes of tilling, pulling stumps, and shoveling the clay out, you must stop and “rest” for lunch (read: chipotle).

then after an hour of “resting” go back out to continue tilling and shoveling.

make sure that you check your hole periodically or you might end up making it too deep…like me. oops.

according to the garden center nursery lady, i have to add this holley-tone to the hydrangea every six months. but first i had to mix it in with the top soil that i used to replace the clay.

remove the hydrangea from pot and replant it. yay!

all done planting and watering. you can see that it’s just a tad bit too deep and a tad bit too wide. but it works.

since we didn’t have any mulch and the garden center nursery lady said that we should mulch it, we bought some the next day. now it looks mulch better. haha! see what i did there!?! lol.

i sure hope it blooms because according to this advertisement it is supposed to keep blooming and blooming and blooming. all. season. long.

cross your fingers for blooms!

ps. i’ll keep you updated!

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