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last friday i met up with some ladies at potbelly’s and there was live music. even though i said “love music at potbelly’s” in my instgram feed what i really meant was live music. well, i do love music at potbelly’s too. but whatever. thought it was nice to have live music was my point.

i ABSOLUTELY LOVE watching fish swim. i really want to get a betta fish but paul doesn’t want to so i guess i’ll just have to keep waiting. p.a.i.t.i.e.n.t.l.y. what do you think? you think i can do it?

i apologize in advance for the many, MANY pictures of my peonies. i am just so excited for them to be growing! the first thing i’ve planted that hasn’t died. yet. and as i’m writing this my nano is playing hakuna matata. so i must hakuna matata and know that even though i’ve managed to not have anything grow or thrive up until now i will have no worrries about it. haha…i’m lame and i know it!

so i have been mowing our lawn every few days since the first mow of the season this year because our grass was super long. but last week i didn’t mow at all!! what the what?!?! so i finally got out there on sunday to mow it. it was quite long and all out of hand.

you guys, this peony is absolutely gorgeous!! well, i think it is and that’s all that matters. oh wait, you can’t tell since you haven’t seen it open. okay, nm. can you tell i’m excited?!?!?! do you guys remember that payless bogo commercial? that’s totally how i am saying it in my head.

keep a sproutin’ little ones!!

yay! see.!

this little lady is six weeks old and i’ve been trying to find a date to bring food over for her family but they are just so loved that i wasn’t given the chance until now. not only did i get to bring food over for them, but paul and i got to have dinner with them too. they are just the cutest little family and i heart them. image

i mowed again this week bc the weather channel said that it was going to rain on wed night, thursday, friday, saturday, and monday which wasn’t gonna give sunday enough time to dry out for mowing. so out i went. it was quite warm but windy so it was okay. not too bad. i stopped to take a short break here before heading into the part i hate mowing the most. luckily it’s towards the end of mowing.

welp, that’s it. what did you do this week?

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  1. What fun pictures! I love all the garden shots!

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