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a few of paul’s favorite foods

every year for paul’s birthday i always make his favorites…shredded beef tacos, mashed pinto beans, chocolate cake, and sopa (for me). in addition to making it on his birthday i also make it a few other times throughout the year…mainly when i’m craving tacos.

haha. well this last time i made them i thought i’d take some pictures to share with you.

lucky you. heh heh.

first you start by cooking your chuck roast. *side note: when paul and i were first married i cooked the roast with a pressure cooker on three separate occasions. each time the roast was overcooked. since then i’ve been using my slow cooker and i haven’t looked back. we’ve been married for almost eight years now. and before i put it in the slow cooker i brown it on both sides.

when it’s done, you can either eat some as pot roast or get to shredding right away like i usually do.

i’ve gotten better and quicker at shredding. this is about 20 minutes after i started.

once the beef is all done, you can get started on the tortillas. normally you would flash fry them in oil but my mil taught me to just heat them up in a pan. much, much healthier.

then you place some beef on the tortilla.

and close it up with a few toothpicks.

i stack them by fours and get my oil heated. you can use canola or vege.

you’ll want to use a deep (but not too deep) pot so it doesn’t spitter-spatter everywhere.

then you let them drain in a paper towel lined bowl.

once they’re ready to eat, open them up and fill them with your choice of toppings.

now onto the beans. he likes pinto beans, mashed. they’re just like refried beans, but without the lard.

let the beans soak for at least eight hours before coking them.

to cook them, you’re gonna boil them in water along with any seasonings you like. we add onion and garlic. let it come to a boil and then turn the heart down to let it simmer for a few hours.

you can tell when they’re ready because the beans are softer and bigger, the skin peels off a bit, and they’ve lost their spots. once they’re done, you can add some more spices. paul likes, salt & pepper, oregano, and (sometimes) a few red pepper flakes.

then plop some on your plate and add some cheese.

sometimes i’ll also make homemade chips with the leftover oil.

ready to eat!

i’m thankful that my mil taught me how to make these. their not just paul’s favorite, they’re mine too. they can seem intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to do then in your sleep. Lol.

try ’em out and let me know how it goes! or if you do it a different way, let me know too! can’t wait to hear all about it!

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3 thoughts on “a few of paul’s favorite foods

  1. I saw that first photo and totally thought thought it was french toast and now I really want some french toast. thanks a lot…

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